Light of Light – Garo Dedeyan


The life of a healer and exorcist.

From the time Garo Dedeyan was a child, he knew he was different.  

He finds himself in communion with Spirits who prepare him for his life mission as a healer and exorcist. After extensive personal development and guidance from his communicators, Garo learns to conquer his own fears and confront entities. Armed with his grandfather’s Bible and unshakable faith, Garo battles the entities that attach themselves to the people he helps. The entities are cold and dark, their howls, screams and physical manifestations are petrifying. The scene is set for the habitual battle of good and evil and only one winner will emerge. Time after time, Garo helps his patients persevere and prevail.

In conjunction with his exorcism and clearance services, the sick and injured turn to him for assistance when no one else can help them. Those given no hope by physicians and medicine flock to Garo. Sometimes it’s as simple as a prayer said while laying his hands on the patient to produce miraculous healing.

Told with stark honesty, Light of Light takes readers on an almost fantastical journey that is easy to forget is nonfiction. From the appointments, consultations and practices, right down to actual interventions, Garo paints a fascinating picture, chilling at times, of what it means to be a naturally gifted instrument of God.

The book launch will be taking place at 11am on 15th June, 2019 at the London Spiritual Mission, 13 Pembridge Pl, Bayswater, London W2 4XB


About the Author

Garo Dedeyan’s gift of healing emerged at a young age. Over the years, his natural and progressive ability to confront and clear fearsome entities from sufferers led to his calling as an exorcist. Garo’s talents encompass the eradication of hauntings, magic, spells and curses. Among those who seek his guidance are fellow healers, psychics and mediums. He also works with ranking officials, members of law enforcement, scientists, doctors and numerous others from all walks of life.

Garo authored a collection of short stories titled Beyond the Birdcage and is active online as a blogger and on social media platforms. He attended the American College in London and received bachelor’s degrees in management information systems and business management.

Presently Garo resides with his wife and daughter in London.



A lady, who had been referred to me by a church staff member, walked into the church. I was forewarned that she was in a bad way, but had no other details about her condition.

She sat down, then got up and went outside, then returned and this process was repeated a few times. She was agitated and restless, disoriented and on closer inspection she appeared angry. There was hardly any warmth in her when I said hello, her colour was pale—her eyes sharp and piercing with a blank stare. She appeared soulless and trying to restrain herself.

I invited her to start the session and opened up with a small prayer. Her eyes looked even more piercing than before and I felt a distinct air of hostility. I felt that this was not going to be an ordinary session; there was something terribly wrong with the poor woman and her energy felt tense and angry. In fact the atmosphere changed in the church and everyone there felt it.

To start the process, I placed the Bible against her forehead and started with the Lord’s Prayer. No sooner had I started praying, when she let out a deep and loud grunt followed by screams. They turned into ferocious roars and she pushed against my hand with phenomenal force. I had to summon all my courage and strength to push her away. She lunged at me like a wild animal and her strength, fuelled by her anger, overwhelmed me. I was briefly worried because she was strong and vicious and the rage emanating from her in the form of animal-like howls and shrieks was petrifying. My hand trembled, I felt afraid but I had to fight whatever it was. At that instant, I remembered my communicator and when he told me that my faith should be stronger than a rock and I felt that I was regaining my confidence and strength. This was a battle I had no intention of losing, the poor woman had to be saved from that which was haunting her.

The entity unleashed a torrent of expletives in a distinct husky male voice. This was not a female trying to speak in a man’s voice, this was an actual man’s deep voice. The entity threatened to harm its host and ranted that it would never leave its host and it threatened to kill her. I showed no emotion but my arm ached from pushing back, so I asked an eighteen-year-old attendee for assistance. I asked her to position herself behind the patient and to grab her and keep her firmly in place. This is when the real battle began, and the entity issued even louder threats.

“I will never leave, we will never leave … oh … you have no idea who I am. You have no idea!”

“I don’t care who you are. You are defeated, and you will leave in the name of our Lord…”

“She does not want us to leave….”

“If she did not want you to go, she wouldn’t be here. She wants you to leave and you will leave!”

“There are more of us, you do not know … you have no idea! We are more.”

“Makes no difference to me. I know that you will leave, regardless of how many you are.”

I am omitting all the expletives and the dark language used during the exchange that preceded the healing and exorcism. I do recall that not only her voice changed but also her facial features, her eyes were now looking straight at me full of malevolence and I avoided making eye contact.

The attack intensified and the entity started screaming and shouting while I commanded it to shut up. It made different sounds, non-human and dark, we were on course for a showdown and neither side was prepared to back down. The young volunteer assisting me also struggled to hold down this woman. I prayed and asked for help, ignoring the entity. I had to keep my focus and ensure that I was not swayed or influenced in any way so that I am not diverted from the task ahead. When the entity took the Lord’s name in vain, I slammed the Bible to the side of the host’s face and pushed down hard while I commanded it to shut up. Whenever I had the upper hand, the entity weakened briefly and then resumed where it left off. I used similar tactics it was using and reverse psychology, which worked for brief moments until it recovered and attacked again. I was afraid, as I had no idea how it would end. I am not sure what was my biggest fear at the time, I just felt it become stronger and in my head. I thought that perhaps I had taken on a challenge that was greater than I could handle. I drifted in thought and considered my options and what I should do. I even thought of seeking help from other gifted friends in the vicinity. In a flash, all the thoughts stopped and I came to my senses; there was no one else to seek help from, I was to deal with this situation on my own. I felt that I should save my energy to be able to maintain the upper hand in this battle, I suspected that the entity may have been trying to tire me by using diversionary tactics to distract me.

The session was intense but the entity was beginning to understand it was hopeless to go on, it knew it was losing the battle. There was strong resistance against the host, trying to keep her seated, the entity was restless and defiant, the process was never-ending and getting worse. Suddenly, I was inspired to pray for the entity and to ask for its forgiveness. I focused on my prayers, silently praying in Arabic. I asked God to forgive the entity for its sins and accept it in His domain. I applied holy oil to the host’s forehead where I drew the sign of the cross and continued to pray loudly:

“Lord, please accept this being into your domain and forgive its sins. It shall surrender itself to you in Christ’s name.”

The entity felt that something was taking place and for once I could see the expression on the host’s face change—it was worried about what I was doing. A renewed threat was issued about killing its host and I interjected:

“You can no longer harm her”

“I can and I will….”

“You cannot harm her or anyone else. I have just anointed you with holy oil, I made the sign of the cross and I prayed that you are accepted as a Christian. You are now a Christian and you will behave in accordance to our Lord’s teachings. I prayed that the Lord forgives you for your sin. Surrender now and you shall be received…”

The look on the host’s face instantly transformed into disbelief, pure shock and horror. The entity realized it was losing its powers or advantages over us. The host stared back wide-eyed in disbelief.

“Leave her now and surrender yourself to the light…. The angels await you and your sins will be forgiven. You have my word; everything will be forgiven.”

The patient backed off and slumped forward slightly and sighed a long, “No.”

There was a long loud howl, followed by a deep grunt. It sounded like a wounded animal as the host fell on the floor. My helpers were slightly concerned for her wellbeing but I assured them she was fine. The entity eventually abandoned the patient, defeated. The deep growls eventually turned to sobs as the patient slowly came to her senses. When she was more composed, I helped her back to her seat, she was weak and confused. She covered her face with the palm of her hands and sighed.