Life with Lily – Margaret Morgan


Mystical pony has the healing touch.

Life with Lily by popular author, Margaret Morgan, is an original and heart-warming story that will appeal to young adult readers and animal lovers everywhere.

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Dee is thrilled with her new grey, Welsh Mountain pony, Lily. Very quickly, she learns how clever the pony is. Soon, it is obvious that Lily is taking an interest in everyone’s well-being. With her ‘eyelash kisses’, Lily senses the needs of those around her and gives each person her undivided attention. Little wonder that she is soon loved by everyone. 

Beautifully written with descriptions and dialogue that will captivate its audience, Life with Lily is an imaginative and charming story. Lily, is every horse-lover’s dream with her magical healing powers and gifted eye-lash kisses:

“She has such a lovely way of looking at you through long, white eyelashes. When she closes them near your face, it feels like a kiss. Already, I love her to bits.”

 Wonderfully created, there is a delightful mix of drama and joy to captivate reader’s attention from start to finish. With an engaging set of characters, the eventful book focuses on Dee’s family, friends, romance and relationships. It canters through adventures and unforeseen situations, from unexpected accidents to hospital stays, as Dee navigates the challenges and new experiences life throws her way:

I think of my lovely pony and realise she needs help too. I accept that I have to grow up and help Mum, Dad and Lily. Gell, too, needs a sensitive friend. Bottom line? I have to mature immediately.”

Life with Lily is a rich, unique and intoxicating book with an ingenious and gifted pony who by working her magic makes miracles comes true and people’s life perfect.

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Pages: 204
Price: £7.99 (Paperback); £4.99 (Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 9781913704162

 About the Author

Margaret Morgan was born in 1950 and brought up on a farm in Herefordshire on the Welsh border. 

After A levels she went to train as a physical education teacher, teaching first in Bournemouth, Dorset, with subsequent jobs in Bournemouth and overseas, teaching English as a Foreign Language and PE.  This was followed by a period overseas teaching junior children.

Returning to the UK in 1985, Margaret taught in London Prep Schools, teaching for the London Day Schools Entrance Exam at 11+. Having been diagnosed with MS in 1995, Margaret had to retire in 2002. Since then she has been writing.

Margaret’s first historical novel Mrs McKeiver’s Secrets, was published in 2012; since then Mrs McKeiver’s Solutions and Mrs McKeiver’s Remedies have been published by Publishing Push. Margaret has also published six Young Adult novels on Amazon Kindle, which are soon to be published in paperback.

Since lockdown began Margaret has published a Children’s bedtime storybook, Ethan’s Dream. Ethan is the grandson of one of her friends who adores diplodocus. In the book, his dream comes true as two diplodocus, Enrico and Dolly, live near him at Hengistbury Head, an area of Bournemouth where Margaret now lives with her husband.