Life Experience: Awakening Hope – Anonymous G.


An anonymous gift of rhyme.

Life Experience: Awakening Hope is an enriching and life-enhancing poetry book by the enigmatic author or collective known only as Anonymous G.


Preferring anonymity to conventional ownership, this is an incredible and beautiful selection of poems based on personal experiences and life lessons brought together into one unique compilation. Created to inspire and guide people searching for enlightenment, love and patience, the poems gently offer readers a lifeline in letters, as the author writes: “Sharings a life line, I’ll throw you rope, We can learn from others, the right and the wrong, Other experiences can guide us to be strong.”

Each poem is a powerful gift of rhyme, aiming to awaken hope in everyone with eye-opening thoughts and uplifting phrases, as these words in Helping Others show: “A reward and a feeling that you’re doing your part, All you need is a heart, you don’t need smart.”

Meanwhile, Living Legend addresses readers directly with a plea for them to look inside themselves: “I’m here now and think that I maybe can help people change, Why not read my book, life experience it’s not strange.”

Life Experience: Awakening Hope invites readers to pause for thought and take time out to question their lives and their selves and learn from each other. More than mere musings, Anonymous G’s passion is to shape and inspire people through sharing life experiences yet asking us all about the choices we make and the challenges we manage. In quiet contemplation, the writer tells us in this thought-provoking poem:
It’s Time:
“Not trying to be a dictator, but to love, provide, care, cherish and teach,
I need to say nothing, it’s my poetry that will preach.”

At the core of Life Experience: Awakening Hope, lies an anonymous and spiritual voice who conveys messages across all his poetry. The mysterious author (or authors) stress that it is only through sharing and caring that we will ever really evolve, grow and seek solace. And, for readers “always searching for something, to alter the way we think”, with a passion for self-development, prose and philosophy, this stunning poetry collection is highly recommended.

Life Experience: Awakening Hope appears on the Anonymous G website, where the writer’s passion for poetry as a medium to help and inspire is realised. The dedicated site, is an open space for writing, prompting us to understand the nature of poetry and its sublime power to motivate and influence. Like the book, it promotes a communal cause to share stories and reflections as everyone has their own version of life, as Lay your own story, subtly says: “Here my stories on the line and I’ve laid it bare, Everyone has a story, and we all have valuable lessons to give, Share and lets help others, now that can be your motive.”

Today, by expressing himself through poetry rather than identity, Anonymous G’s goal is to help people, fulfilling his own life journey to “inspire through my life creations”. Perhaps the ‘G’ in Anonymous stands for ‘Goal’ or ‘Gift’, words which describe the aim of such honest and unique creativity.

Review Copies of Life Experience: Awakening Hope and discreet interviews with the author are available on request.  Contact us here for details.

Life Experience: Awakening Hope is now available to order from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk).

About the Author
Anonymous G first called himself this in 2008, way back down the line. Read his book and be wowed for although you might not be able to identify this writer, understand that he is here to help people, this is his vow. Resuscitations, life flashes before his eyes, degrees, love and patience, life journeys hoping to inspire through life creations. By working together, Anonymous G suggests that if he can help just one person, his poetry has been worth every word.

Born in December 1987, he grew up fast and life seemed ok for Anonymous G although he knew he had something special that set him apart from his peers, his poetry.