A Death in Peking – Graeme Sheppard


A Death in Peking is my standout book for 2018.” – John Ross

Who killed Pamela Werner? Why was the answer to this mystery out of reach for so long? Is it possible that the solution has been overlooked?
Yes. Until now.


Throughout this story of diplomats, soldiers, coolies, and constables flits the lonely ghost of Pamela Werner, a victim of life in old Peking. Set aside some time, you will not want to put this book down.” – John N. Powers


The brutal murder of Pamela Werner sent shockwaves through the streets of pre-communist Peking in 1937. Outraging the population inside the walled capital, the killing baffled the local police, becoming one of the most mysterious unsolved crimes in the history of modern China. But while investigations have returned to the cold case over the years in an attempt to provide new insight into the perplexing killing, none have come close to joining the pieces of the infamous crime, until now.

With renewed interest in the murder stemming from the discovery of new evidence, A Death in Peking uses a range of primary sources to delve into the historical context of early 20th century China to dissect the many facets of the crime itself.

Scrutinising the named suspects, analysing potential political motives and implementing newly discovered evidence gathered from the British Embassy, A Death in Peking uncovers the untold story of not only Pamela but also the lives of the many foreigners living in a war-torn China that have all but been forgotten.

Bringing a new perspective to the cold case, Graeme Sheppard draws upon decades of material to offer long-awaited answers to a murder that still has the capacity to disturb.

“The style of writing is easy to read. The author has presented it in a way that flows easily from one person, or incident, or newspaper report, to the next, without jarring.”Emmachisett2

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About the Author

Graeme Sheppard

Born and raised in London, Graeme Sheppard is a retired police officer with thirty years’ service with the Metropolitan Police and in the Northeast of England. With commendations for crime detection, his policing experience includes working areas as wide-ranging as London’s West End to former coal-mining towns, from rural villages to inner-city housing estates.

His enthusiasm for history and sharp eye for telling evidence has resulted in articles in History Today.

Other interests include paleoanthropology, physical fitness, and playing the classical guitar. He now lives and writes in Hampshire, UK.

“This was a very interesting read of an unsolved murder case, kept you thinking and couldn’t put it down.”Miss S

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