Learn About ‘Shift’ In The Economy With @haydn1701


Today we want to talk about Shift, written by Haydn Shaunessey. It will tell you how to succeed in the shifting economy…shift

What is the emerging post-crisis economy, and how does it impact you? Whether you lead a business or work in one, are a freelancer or employee, are beginning a career or working your way up the ladder, Shift provides a guide to the major changes that are reshaping lives.

The new economy is defined by platforms and ecosystems—ways of doing business created by the generation of entrepreneurs who pioneered online commerce in the early 2000s. While change has been rapid, it is about to go into warp-speed. Some commentators refer to this as the digital revolution.

But Haydn Shaughnessy spells out why it is, in fact, a different type of revolution: in the way people work together, how they think about society and wealth, and the risks and options they face in employment and business. He draws a detailed picture of the new economic power groups that are driving change, explaining where that change is headed. And he explains why these groups are rendering governments increasingly irrelevant in their traditional job creation and economic growth roles.

Shift is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the economic revolution that is changing politics, work and prosperity for the vast majority of people. It is a survival guide for the 21st century.

Haydn trained as an economic historian and sociologist, which has given him all the necessary experience to write his two books: Shift andhaydn shaunessy The Elastic Enterprise, both discussing the changing economic landscape. Having studied at the London School of Economics and Oxford University with a specialty in societal and economic transformation, Haydn had quick success in becoming a practitioner of innovation, a writer and documentarist! You may have already read some of Haydn’s work, which has appeared in a variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review online, Forbes.com and GigaOm. This year, Haydn is hoping to publish a new book on the growth of innovation.

Both Haydn’s website and Amazon host a tremendous list of 5* reviews for Shift, such as the following…

“Haydn Shaughnessy has done a fantastic job to set the stage for the next few decades for businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs to navigate with conscious thought about how the current mega-shifts will impact how we work, and how we think about work in the not-too-distant future. Ripe with examples and anecdotes, and full of actionable ideas, Haydn has followed up his Elastic Enterprise book with another great business book that is a must-read.”