Laura’s Last Words by M.A. Francis


Thrilling quest to fill in blank memories and resolve tragedies.

M.A. Francis’ gripping new book, Laura’s Last Words, is a thrilling tale of lost years, unbelievable lies and incalculable loss. Part-autobiographical, part-fiction, this is a compelling debut for fans of thrillers, crime, drama and contemporary fiction.

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Frank Dawson had an accident six weeks ago – several years prior to it remain a blank. He feels lost. Now living at a B&B in The Lake District run by his wife, Janet and her mother, Frank searches daily to recall his lost years, though lies from an uncaring wife only add to confusion. The closer Frank edges towards recovery, the more hostile Janet becomes, but why?

Dee Fenwick, a student psychologist, finds herself in a desperate search. Fuelled by anger and grief, she must find the reason her beloved sister took her own life. Blinkered in her quest, Dee also battles to retain custody of her young daughter. One man holds answers that may give Dee closure and he left Manchester too soon after Laura’s death. Rightly or not, Dee is suspicious… can a bond form between loss and anger?

Laura’s Last Words has a captivating narrative that instantly engages readers fuelled by its surging levels of tension as the story and characters develop. Readers are introduced to a frustrated Frank as he recovers from an inexplicable accident that has caused a bad case of memory loss and confusion. In the fast-paced opening chapter, which brilliantly sets the scene, there is an air of menace after he receives an intimidating text:

Shock gripped my stomach and I groaned, yet the disturbing message had been sent weeks earlier. Was it still relevant, or even meant for me? Think, think Frank. It was my phone, so the message had to be for me. That was the chilling truth and one I couldn’t ignore.”

Meanwhile, mum Dee is struggling to come to terms with the puzzling death of her sister, and, fuelled by a tsunami of bewildering questions, she is desperate and determined to find answers: Oh I will find out believe me. I will definitely find out why!”

Chapter by chapter, the author cleverly swerves between its central duo, Frank and Dee, two distant yet interlinked characters in two different settings, the breath-taking yet beguiling banks of England’s beautiful Lake District and the urban and, at times, soulless streets of Manchester.

While Laura’s Last Words is primarily billed as a thriller, elements of intrigue continuously evolve with an unexpected romance and some natural plot twists. And, as the story progresses, readers are drawn into the two parallel lives and kept constantly guessing as the plot unravels with a stream of dramatic shocks and surprise revelations. With varied characters, vivid descriptions and a rich dialogue, the book has a depth of realism that resonates with readers without losing its sense of mounting suspense.

Laura’s Last Words is an authentic read that is also enhanced by its auto-biographical aspect, as the author explains: It has been said, by many, that there is a lot of yourself in every story and that I certainly agree with. While caring for my disabled son, I trained as a counsellor, which helped immensely in creating one of the main characters in Laura’s Last Words and the pain of losing a sibling certainly helped me ‘get inside the head’ of another.”

This is an immensely enjoyable and compulsive read with a sophisticated plot and structure.

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Price: £2.49 (Kindle Edition) £7.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 298
ISBN-10: 1999694007
ISBN-13: 9781999694005
Publisher: M A Francis (April, 2020)

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About the Author

M.A. Francis has always been blessed with an overactive imagination thanks to a flood of stories that fed his imagination from an early age. Francis soon found books fascinating and, although he was always active with sport, still found time to read. Immersing himself in an author’s world and characters was, and remains, his passion.

At the age of only ten years old, Francis had a poem printed in a county publication; a success that fed his passion for writing. Over the years, Francis has written several short stories, poems, a screenplay and even a sit-com script. Laura’s Last Words is his debut novel and, in his own words:  If readers can enjoy ‘the ride’ as much as I did in creating it, I’ll be one satisfied writer.”