Launch Titan Group – John Sheppard


Ricky Skinner went from a young man who wanted love and work, to a man fighting to keep the world safe. This is the story of who he was, who he is and what he does.


The Titan Group… a multi-national clandestine agency unbound from government guidance.

The Organization… A terrorist entity with a multi-faceted strategy to reform the world into its vision.

Titan Group and The Organization are actively playing a game of chess but not knowing who their opponent is, and does Titan Group have the ultimate wild card in Ricky Skinner who does not know the rules of this life and death game.

Ricky Skinner was an ordinary young man who simply wanted love and a normal job. However, his new job at Titan Group forced him to be a ruthless elite agent fighting to keep the world safe.  So just how did Ricky go from student in his hometown to international spy for this new covert organization, and what could have caused a massive character change for the introverted Ricky?

The clash of ideals and battle of wits begins here. When the dust settles from this war, the world of freedom will be permanently scarred.

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Author Bio

John Sheppard began his love of fiction at the age of four when he bought his first comic.  The youngest of four children, his parents raised a happy family all of whom took on different challenges but stayed close.

John has been a hockey blogger for website Around the Rink, taking on subjects from a unique point of view.

John excelled in literature and as he matured he wrote for fun.  He also found an appreciation for writers like Robert Ludlum.

A Graduate of the College of the North Atlantic, this is John’s first book – but it will not be his last.

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