Last Summer With Oscar Receives Honourable Mention – @janschwartz007


Last Summer with Oscar, an International Bestseller written by forensic behavioural scientist Jan Schwartz, Ph.D. has received an honourable mention at the The 2014 Red City Review Book Awards.

cover_1250_300dpiLast Summer with Oscar narrates the adventurous, true life story of a nine-year-old Golden Retriever’s response to cancer. After learning the severity of Oscar’s diagnosis, Jan and her husband ruled out standard treatment options such as surgery and chemotherapy for this gentle-natured golden. Instead, they chose to celebrate the life and spirit of their beloved pet each day left with him. Then, surprisingly, Oscar began eating Slippery Elm leaves. With Oscar leading the way, Jan’s curiosity about Slippery Elm leaves marks the beginning of their exploration and discovery of little-known cancer remedies. The book details the events and happenings with both scientific precision and heartfelt spiritual insights.
The goodness of the journey elicited unusual kindnesses, exceptional measures of helpfulness and perfectly timed suggestions from others. Displaying profound will and courage, a much adored Golden Retriever named Oscar reveals truths about cancer treatment that may impact veterinary science for years to come.

This story inspires love and a true belief in the potential of humanity. Last Summer with Oscar was oscar-standingpublished in 2011 by ACFEI Media. Second and third printings were done through One World Books. Oscar’s story is available at Amazon.co.uk, Barnesandnoble.com, BooksaMillion.com and Goodreads.com. Kindle, Nook and most reader editions are available as well. It may also be purchased through The National First Ladies’ Library gift shop (330.452.0867 or www.firstladies.org). The Last Summer with Oscar Workbook was published in December 2012 and released through the Ingram Advance Catalog network.