Knight Force by Aaron Vincent


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In the far-future, one man is about to get medieval…In a rain-drenched far-future where humankind’s golden age of high technology and space travel was smashed to oblivion by a twenty-four hour third World War. The city of Sanctuary arose from the toxic, mutant-riddled remains of the United States, a shining beacon of glass and neon, a symbol of the strength and will of mankind.

Elite cop Jacobi Kayven awakes covered in sweat; another disturbing dream. There’s a beautiful woman in his bed who seems to know him better than he does. A routine case soon descends into chaos when Jacobi and his partner are set upon by a horde of cannibal mutants. Worse still, the main suspect seems to be totally indestructible – possibly even paranormal.

Follow Jacobi as he shoots, kicks and explodes his way to the disturbing truth of Sanctuary’s creation, battles a literal Demon from his past and uncovers memories and abilities hidden by his employers. All the while keeping a one-liner ready and his mullet looking sharp.

With the help of best friend and partner, the A.I built into his Supercar and his girl Zofia, Jacobi embarks on a quest that will see him pushed to both physical and mental limits. His enemies are legion, and they don’t think he has a chance in Hell!

But when the best in the force gets a Knight to remember, there’s only going to be Hell to pay!

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.