Keep Walking – Never Look Back: Linda Jones


“Just finished reading this book and found it riveting and not easy to put down.”Elaine Hammill


“Everything you would want from a book!!! Love lost and won!!! Sex, family and a story from the heart!!” – Nicola

Keep Walking – Never look back is the true story of love won and lost, but mainly lost.

How do you bounce back when the man you love runs off with your best friend? And, even if you do, how do you bounce back again when your next true love betrays you in almost exactly the same way?

Linda Jones describes with heartbreaking honesty and candour how she escaped a childhood of poverty and cruelty, only to jump into a succession of disastrous relationships. Yet, after half a lifetime of betrayal, duplicity and lies, she managed to come out on top.

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“A very evocative book that portrays everyday life and how it can be influenced by a couple of decisions that can have a great impact on family life. Linda has bared her soul and given a moving and graphic account of her life and how she has been let down by numerous men. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand people and family life and how it can be affected by a couple of actions and decisions.”Chris Clarke