Just a Tiny Prick by Professor Geoffrey Hackett


A dose of humour and sexual health makes a hilarious and helpful read.

Just a Tiny Prick by Professor Geoffrey Hackett is the hilarious, must-read biography charting one man’s riotous but rewarding career as an eminent NHS sex specialist.

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This witty and highly original book offers a unique insight into the roller-coaster world of a prominent sexual health specialist who was famously dubbed a ‘Sex Tsar’ by the tabloid press some years ago.  Just a Tiny Prick reveals his day-to-day secrets and eye-watering experiences, with Bob Stokes’ side-splitting cartoons providing a bonus punchline in every chapter.

Learn what it takes to run a successful “Small Penis Clinic” or master the controls of the “Ejaculometer”. Follow the strange path through medical school and 168 hour per week hospital jobs that took the Tsar to such heights.

Marvel at some of the weirdest medical research ever published. Master the best techniques for sex in a MRI scanner and learn how to save lives through sex, whilst looking 10 years younger. Relive some of the Tsar’s finest and occasionally disastrous  media appearances. Enjoy exotic international locations and discover nothing runs smoothly travelling with the Sex Tsar. Learn what it takes to be a top judge at the world masturbation championships. Indulge all your guilty pleasures. What has the development of Viagra and other drugs really meant for men and women  the world over? Can anything in hospital medicine prepare a doctor for what awaits them as a country general practitioner?

For all its fun, there is a sobering side to Just a Tiny Prick which is fleshed out in the final chapter, “Serious stuff”. Balancing humour with health advice, the book ends by offering a unique evidence-based approach for men and women on how to be happier, healthier, and live longer. Described by one leading UK gynaecologist as “Quite superb”, and full of cutting- edge information, this concluding chapter is a valuable guide to healthy living.

Just a Tiny Prick is a page-turner that is playful and important, putting a spotlight on the delicate subject of men’s sexual health that merits having more attention. The book succeeds on many levels for being entertaining and informative as well as for highlighting how important sex is, especially in older men and those seeking new relationships.

Just a Tiny Prick is bursting with amusing anecdotes, doses of surgical disasters and close shaves that only a sex consultant could possibly uncover. With first-hand medical knowledge and experience, it is a privilege to delve behind the scenes of this amusing and authoritative Sex Tsar. A brilliant blend mix of amusement and advice makes Just a Tiny Prick a master class in promoting men’s sexual health. Certified by a career’s worth of weighty insight, Just a Tiny Prick’s almighty message is that sex is fundamental for maintaining good health, successful relationships and human happiness.

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“A fascinating and eminently readable account of a top clinician’s life work in researching and treating men who suffer from sexual difficulties. Little wonder that Professor Geoff Hackett has been aptly dubbed the “Sex Tsar”. This book is essential reading for every man – and his partner.”     
Professor Roger Kirby, President of Royal Society of Medicine 2020.

“It took me less than 5 hours to read this book. I really enjoyed it. The author has cleverly combined autobiography with anecdotal humour and extremely important research- based evidence on the association of impotence/erectile dysfunction with wider issues involving predictable threats to some men’s health and life expectancy… Just a Small Prick” is clearly a book written after decades of clinical experiences and the evolution of its author into the world-renowned authority that he obviously is now.”
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“This is a laugh out loud book that will have rolling about with laughter. However, there is a serious side to this book – male sexual health issues are often ignored even though they may be covering up serious problems that are actually very treatable. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of this book – you’ll have a good laugh AND it may make a huge difference to your long-term health.”
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“A thoroughly absorbing read, incorporating a multitude of true- life hilarious stories from one of the World’s leading authority on men’s health problems. Professor Hackett has clearly lived an exceedingly interesting life, he shares a series of wonderful and most amusing stories and yet one has the sense his life work has helped countless men with serious health problems. I can whole heartedly recommend this book packed with hilarious anecdotes. Buy a copy, enjoy, it may change your outlook on life.”
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About the Author

Professor Geoffrey Hackett qualified as a doctor in 1974 and continues to work in private practice, having given up NHS work in 2019. Professor Hackett returned to NHS work to help during the Covid19 crisis. During his varied career, he published over 130 original papers in peer review journals, wrote two textbooks on Sexual Medicine and collaborated on numerous book chapters, most recently, Men’s Heath by Kirby and Kirby. He was also awarded three prestigious medical prizes for original research along the way.

Just a Tiny Prick is his third book. Other titles by the author include: Male Sexual Medicine (by NSHI Ltd, Stephens and George, 2018). The Role of Androgens in Men’s Health NSHI (2011).

With over 30 years of treating patients with sexual problems, there have been hundreds of memorable cases. I have been involved in many clinical research projects, including bizarre ones, from the very beginning. Along the way, I have travelled the world to many interesting and unusual conferences.

Price: £7.90 (Paperback); £1.99 (Kindle edition)
Pages: 172