Journey of a Bedroom Poet – Catherine Nepalai Faulder


This is a book of growth, spoken through poetry,
that will help you awaken to the fact that you
were born a creator

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Do you sit and watch the world go by,
while the gift you were born with
lies locked deep inside of you?
Are you hiding who you really are?
Are you living in a pond…
when you know the ocean
is your world?
Are you a closet singer?
A bathroom dancer?
A night-time painter?
A part-time DJ?
A secret success story forever waiting to happen?
Are you dying inside not showing the world what you are really made of – that is, what you were born to do?
Read Journey of a Bedroom Poet if your soul answered yes.

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Journey of a Bedroom Poet

The Bedroom Poet is a wonderful piece of work resonating energy, truth, rawness and absolute empowerment. Catherine takes the reader on a journey and you are definitely transported.” – Pashmina P

From the Author

“For as long as I can remember, I was scared of myself.  I lived in fear and in my comfort zone: the bedroom.  One day, I woke up to the profound love in my heart, which was always there, beating to the sound of poetry.  I found a sense of relief and inhaled the sighs of freedom.  A catharsis came over me every time I allowed myself to write and every time I listened to the sound of the words of my soul.  When I let go of the fear that poisoned my heart, I was able to be with the thing I loved most.  I was able to live in my poetry.

My mission as an artist is to inspire people to wake up to their calling, whatever it may be; to let go of the fear that poisoned their heart; to blow away the forces that prevented them from doing what they were brought to this time-space to do. Because when you do what it is your heart beats for, you truly manifest and live out the creator that you are.”

Excerpt from Who Am I?

I’m too scared to even think who I might be.

My name, age, schooling and occupations
Are statements stuttering out of me so uncertainly.

And how can I be all these things
I know I cannot be?

And so it is
I remember faintly
Who I am.

I am more than these statements.

I have more purpose than this.

There is more to me
Than they all see.

There is more to ‘we’
Thank our names, our numbers…
The size of our figures
And the money signs
We churn and burn.

I am everything,
And nothing.
All at once.


A true journey, as mentioned in the name also a great example of how to overcome your fears and setbacks to create what your heart truly desires. As someone who has written hundreds of songs and works, I commend Miss Faulder on her content, execution, and the original artwork within her book.” – Alfredo G