John Moore – Lakes Poet with Australian Influence


Press Release

14th February, 2021

Lyrical poems are an ode to places explored and nature’s beauty

Lakes Poet with Australian Influence is a delightful debut book of poems by John Moore. Inspired by a love of travel and nature, this treasure-trove of poetry evokes emotion and engages readers in equal measures.

This sweeping poetry collection charts John Moore’s experiences of travel and work in new places. Spanning sixteen countries across five continents, his poetry breathes life into the reality of living under extreme conditions. From minus fifty degrees, in Canada, to plus forty-seven in Australia, the collection brings a sharp focus to the wondrous but often inhospitable world we call home.

With more than 40 long poems and 22 short verses, Lakes Poet with Australian Influence is a stunning reflection of the challenging terrains he travelled, the sights he saw and people he met. As the title suggests, one of the main inspirations is a passion for the English Lake District. In the serene Snowdrops Above Lake Windermere, the writer points to the peaceful stillness of the ‘placid lake’ and ‘opaque streams’. In another, The Lakes, 2000mm rain per year, and it comes down slowly – drizzle, the healing positive source of natural energy, like in many other of his poems, shines through:

‘Life is fraught with trouble
we cannot elude.
The sun will shine its warmth again,
Of this we can conclude.’

Lakes Poet with Australian Influence is a stylish collection expressing a love sacred lands and a deep-rooted respect for the environment. Many poems are odes to nature pointing to the beauty that surrounds us, from the trees and woods to Japanese blossom and daffodils. There is a lovely depth to the poems too with layers of raw emotion, life experience and meaning as in ‘Frailty’, which reminds readers of the: ‘Main traits of the human race’.

There are floral and picturesque illustrations complimenting this indulgent collection, successfully transporting readers through lakes and rivers, seasons and landscapes. With rich descriptions and word selections, Lakes Poet with Australian Influence is a triumphant and poignant book, which speaks to its audience as in Rydal Lake:

Review copies of Lakes Poet with Australian Influence by John Moore and interviews with the author are available on request. Contact us here for details.

Available to buy from Amazon (www.amazon.com) and from all major bookshops.
Price: £8.50 (Paperback); £3.50 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 66
ISBN-10: 1914078667
ISBN-13: 978-1914078668
Publisher: John Moore (February 2021)

About the Author

John Moore is no stranger to travel. He owes his traveller heritage to his father’s side of the family – his grandfather being a Workington coalminer who was fifty-per-cent gypsy. ‘Gypsy’ was a nickname John was dubbed in his adolescence. He has lived up to it ever since. His inherited travel-bug has taken him to sixteen countries across five continents. Throughout, he worked in a number of different industries from shipbuilding to aviation and steel mills to gold mines. He has also run a series of machine tool training workshops for white and indigenous youths while out in South Africa, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.

When he isn’t away, John enjoys relaxing in his home in a Lakeside community in KhonKaen, Thailand, where he likes to spend time writing his poetry, reading, drinking, gardening, archery and soccer. He plans to return to his native town of Ambleside in the coming months where he will spend his remaining years. Lakes Poet with Australian Influence is John’s debut poetry collection.