John McBride Series – David Chilcott


Book One – Murphy’s Heist
Book Two – Cruise the Storm
Book Three – Find My brother
Book Four – The Ponzi Men
Book Five – Trouble in Chicago
Book Six – The Girl With No Last Name

David Chilcott began writing novels in 2012, and has so far completed six thrillers featuring John McBride, an ex-soldier in the SAS Regiment, turned artist. 

David, a trained mechanical engineer, is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Yorkshire.  He has been a professional watercolour artist for many years, so it is perhaps no surprise that his fictional hero, McBride, also does.


Murphy’s Heist
When artist John McBride stumbles on a series of strange events, he finds that the biggest bullion heist since the eighties is about to be committed by small time criminal, Belfast-born Eamonn Murphy, now living in England. His cruelty and greed exceed his ability, and results in a bungled heist.

However, Murphy does get away with twelve million pounds worth of bullion but he struggles to get the haul out of England. Will his luck hold? McBride is chasing him all the way.

Cruise the Storm
The Helena, an upmarket cruise ship sets sail for the Med. It is already in the Solent before the owners realise there are several members of a far right group aboard, and they might be aiming to hijack the ship, but they are sure that due to stringent security there can be no weapons aboard. They discuss matters with MI5, and one of their operatives agrees to board the ship in Spain, to monitor the situation, and to prevent weapons being taken on board.

John McBride is aboard, encouraged by his agent to act as art tutor. When the Captain learns that McBride used to be in the SAS, he thinks he might be useful if things get out of hand.

Find My Brother
John McBride meets a girl in a hotel bar. He has seen her spying in the woods, binoculars trained on a fracking site at the foot of the hill. He didn’t think she was birdwatching. Back at the hotel he mentions the incident. She becomes distraught. Her brother, a freelance journalist has gone missing. She knew he was investigating fracking demos. Because he is an adult, the police aren’t interested. McBride ever eager for adventure as a change from painting landscapes, learns more from her over drinks and offers to help look for the missing brother. The trail leads to a gulag camp in Russia. Getting the brother out of prison is the easy bit. But the SVR are chasing them all the way across Russia, and the Baltic as well.


The Ponzi Men
John McBride is pulled in by police when a financial consultant is shot dead in the street. The police show him CCTV footage of a man leaving an empty building at the scene. McBride has an alibi, and the police let him go. But he has recognized the shooter, his old friend and ex-SAS soldier Miller. Both he and Miller were conned by a ponzi scheme perpetrated by the dead man and another crook.McBride explains to Miller that,rather than execute the criminals, it would be better to trick them, and get some of their money back. They track the remaining criminal to South Africa, but find that con-men get real mad when they are duped.

Trouble in Chicago
John McBride steps off a plane in Chicago, and straight into trouble with the Mob. He is in town for an exhibition of his paintings, but when he returns to his apartment one night, two of the Mob are waiting for him. Life goes from bad to worse as he is pursued across America to Los Angeles, trying to fight back while protecting his girlfriend. The most exciting of the McBride series yet!

The Girl With No Last Name
She was pretty, mid-twenties maybe, but painfully thin. She stood in front of John McBride in the gallery full of his paintings. She was trying to palm a note in the act of shaking his hand. Later when he opened the note he learned she was a prisoner in a quasi-religious Cult a four-hour drive from Sydney. McBride loved adventure, and he set about finding out more. He tracked down the cult, found out the background, tried to visit and was met with a man carrying a rifle, threatening to use it. A fire which burns down the wooden premises used by the cult are witnessed by McBride during a recce.

But McBride is under surveillance himself by the founder of the Cult, a paedophile with a long prison history and a life of luxury. McBride is kidnapped by him and abandoned on an uninhabited island. As an ex-SAS soldier it takes him only a few days to build a raft and get back to the Australian mainland. McBride has one aim: to catch the founder of the Cult and bring him to justice.


For further information visit the author’s website http://www.davidchilcottauthor.com/