Jerry Snider – Blooming Fabulous!


In this digital age, old-fashioned storytelling seems to be a dying art. Jerry Snider keeps the tradition alive with this allegory about the trials and joys that help us grow to reach our potential.”—Dave Kershner, singer, songwriter, musician

Buddy Bloom Wildflower

A beautifully written story with humor that children and adults will enjoy. Jerry writes about important life lessons including holding on to hope, having faith, friendship and living in the present moment. This is a wonderful book for everyone to read!” – Angie B

Buddy Bloom is a flower seed looking forward to fresh air, sunshine, and gentle rain to help him grow. After a raging storm—with help from George the Ant, Ken the Turtle, and Sadie the Butterfly, he learns the value of struggle, the joy of friendship, and the celebration of life.

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Author Bio

“At age 64 I started working at a preschool. I figured the kids would have a lot to teach me.” That’s Jerry Snider, author of Buddy Bloom Wildflower (A Tale of Struggle and Celebration). Written for children ages 8 to 80, he calls Buddy his biography in kid form. With the goal of creating hope and laughter; the book is a tribute to great friends, gifted teachers, and inspiring role models.

In the fall of 1973, following a stint in the marines, Mr. Snider enrolled as a student at Ohio University.

“The first class I signed up for was creative writing and it was also the first class I failed,” he happily recalls. “I still believed I was worthy of being called an author so I took that same class with the same instructor again. This time I passed.”

Fast forward forty years.

After dozens of other writing classes and workshops, Mr. Snider returned to Ohio University. They were now offering classes free to senior citizens. It was there he put the finishing touches on Buddy Bloom Wildflower.

An avid runner, Mr. Snider has completed over 40 marathon races. “The word marathon means left foot, right foot, a whole bunch of times until you’ve gone 26.2 miles,” he quips. “And writing a book is a lot like running – you have to train consistently if you want to improve.”

Mr. Snider’s advice to aspiring authors, “Start calling yourself a writer, begin writing, have fun and never give up on your dream.”

* * *

“I have always believed that if one can tell a great story, one earns the right to share the message. These engaging characters will teach young and old about dealing with challenges, overcoming adversity, and living with possibility.”Jim Stovall, author, The Ultimate Gift

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