Jennifer Brown and the Dagger by Hamish Adourian


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Screen_Shot_2016-01-08_at_14.53.11“Listen to me, Jennifer! The fairies need your help.”

Jennifer likes fairies, but not reading, or writing, or telling the time, or finding her way on a map.

When she learns she is the only one who can save the fairies – the real fairies – from a cruel sorcerer holding the Fairy Queen prisoner, Jennifer’s loves and fears collide with secrets, strangers, and magical letters, on a dangerous journey to find Lilah’s Dagger.


Biography of Hamish Adourian

Hamish AdourianHamish was born in Dundee, some of his earliest memories being of the windswept, rainy beaches off the east coast of Scotland. He grew up mainly in the ‘oil town’ of Grangemouth on the Firth of Forth, with brief spells in London and Oxford, and a couple of years in Florence, Italy.

He moved down to London with his family in his mid-teens and has lived there ever since, though he regularly travels back to Scotland and enjoys exploring the different regions of Italy.

Hamish studied computer science and physics at Royal Holloway, University of London, in the small Surrey town of Egham. Whilst there, he wrote the first draft of Jennifer Brown and the Dagger. After graduating, he began work in the financial technology (‘fintech’) industry, centred around the City of London.

In his ever-shrinking spare time, he also enjoys tango dancing, swimming, and reading, as well as being active in local politics.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.