Jamaica Quay – Robert Swann


The final part of the Simon Hunter story following the explosive events of Smoke and Tranquillity, Robert Swann’s Jamaica Quay concludes the globe-trotting adventure series in suitably bombastic fashion.

Constantly trying to shake off the persistent government agencies trying to keep him in check while also being on the receiving end of a mad revolutionary’s rifle, Simon is forced to once again to set free a dangerous side of himself for a mission that could either result in his downfall, or the new life he so desperately desires.


As with the other books in the series, Jamaica Quay can be
read and enjoyed as a standalone story.

After years of putting both his own and his family’s lives on the line in the name of trying to make the world a better place, Simon Hunter is attempting to put his specialist set of skills to work in a less dangerous environment.

Retired from the life of furthering societal and political change through the will of his fists, the entrepreneur has adopted a new hands-off approach, instead using his wealth and business acumen to change the reality of the impoverished and oppressed without ever having to lay a finger on another human being. It’s not that the more straight-forward approach didn’t get results – and Simon would be the first to admit that a bullet is often quicker and more efficient in stopping rampaging dictators than financial aid – but with the UK Government breathing down his neck, unable to see his family because of the danger that follows him, and his own personal demons to deal with, a violent and direct response isn’t in his best interests.

But with tensions brewing across Europe and the mysterious right-wing zealot known only as the ‘Heartlander’ in the process of executing a plot that could have huge ramifications that far exceed the confines of his homeland in Finrovistan, Simon’s passive, philanthropic life is forced to be put on hold.

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About the Author

Born and educated in London, Robert Swann started his working life as a student civil engineer in the Atomic Power Division of a major British engineering company. Unimpressed by the rigidity of formal engineering he opted for freedom of expression by venturing into the less rigid, then newly emerging field of logistics, and progressed to become managing Vice President of a Chicago based worldwide consultancy group with a branch office in London’s Leicester Square. Discovering that development opportunities were not being exploited by the parent company, he bought its UK operation outright and developed it, with the support of a brilliant American joint venture partner. by setting up an international consulting organisation with offices in London, New York, Atlantic City and Tampa, Florida. In pursuit of his dreams he worked in over fifty countries and, until much later, set himself on the course to become an author.

His ownership of the joint venture involved working in many diverse places around the globe; this provided a rich source of inspiration. His books are heavily influenced by the diversity, societal change and political shenanigans -good and bad – he encountered during his travels, and most importantly by the fascinating people he met and interacted with. It is they who inspired him to write. The unlikely location from which his writing career was launched was Barnaul airport in Siberia, close to the Kazakhstan and Mongolian borders. His flight from there to Moscow was cancelled after he arrived at the small isolated airport in the depths of a freezing winter. With no diversions available to pass the time, he began to compile anecdotes about the countries he had visited and fascinating people he met. What started out as a travelogue, of sorts, morphed into a recipe for a thriller.

The thriller grew over the following months and reached over 1200 pages. Not a fan of weighty volumes, he split the narrative into three and the Retrogenesis trilogy was borne. Each book in the trilogy may be read as a stand-alone experience; this also applies to his subsequent books. The trilogy produced so many fascinating characters having so much to give, that it spawned the Simon Hunter Mysteries.

He feels eternal gratitude for the opportunities and insights he has been fortunate enough to enjoy through his world travels in the diverse countries where he was enthralled by the people he met, scared rigid by being held up and robbed at gunpoint and being mesmerised by some of the breath-taking countries he encountered. His first three books are intriguing tales presented by the author in his own words. Honing his style, the Simon Hunter Mysteries are told in a unique way by the participating characters who each give their, often different, impression of the unfolding story to bring the intrigue and conspiracy on which it is based into sharp and seemingly unequivocal focus. The stories which unfold are uniquely presented and invite the reader to develop their own conclusions and ultimately compare them to those reached by the participating characters. One certainty with his work is that all is not as it at first appears to be to readers. The nature of the unfolding story lines, some of his followers have deduced, tells them that he is a philanthropist and others that he is a real spy; he opts not to comment on this for reasons which will be obvious to the perceptive.