Jack by Max McBridge


Reigniting royal theories behind Ripper’s deadly reign of terror.

Jack is the chilling crime novel by aspiring author, Max McBridge that reignites the infamous case of Jack the Ripper, and the conspiracy theories that swirled around his identity, with ingenious originality. 

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Jack the Ripper came and went without warning in the second half of 1888, leaving the mutilated corpses of five women in his wake. Despite the best efforts of Scotland Yard, the baffling and gruesome murders remain unsolved to this day. Over a century later, the discovery of what might be the Ripper’s diary re-awakens the case. The forces that drove the Ripper to do his grisly work in 1888 are still very much at work today, and just as dangerous. To what lengths will they go to preserve the secret which can destroy the monarchy?

In this absorbing and fictitious novel, the newly unearthed diary entries allude to a possible royal conspiracy. Could a member of the royal family really have been the true culprit of these heinous crimes? With the mysterious case reprised, a renewed investigation falls to the bored, rich and charming, James Kent. James takes on the challenging case, teaming up with the stunning Alice, who has her own reasons to defend the historic doctor’s involvement. Together, with dangerous consequences ahead, they reinvestigate royal links to the notorious serial killer. But, patriotism can be a deadly trait in the wrong hands. And, lurking in the shadows, working to protect the greater good even with murder, is someone who will do absolutely anything in their power to stop the duo from exposing secrets…

“It showed what was wrong with the world, that a daughter of the aristocracy could be mixing herself up in this. Such a beautiful woman, too.
Unfortunately, it also complicated things. He could have killed James Kent and made it look like a burglary gone wrong. This would be harder. For a start, it went against every instinct he had to hurt the aristocracy. He was meant to be protecting the hierarchy, not killing off its members. People would pay more attention to the death of the daughter of the Duke of Cardiff, and anyway, a house like this would be secured with multiple security systems that even he couldn’t just override.
He would have to back off… for now. He had their names and their faces. They wouldn’t be going anywhere without him knowing. It might take a bit longer, but soon they would both be taken care of.”

Jack is a fast-paced and riveting read that excels at combining conspiracy and crime. With mounting tension, the book captivates the glorious capital and the highs and depths of its society. The book takes many twists and turns, taking readers on an extraordinary scavenger hunt across London and England. Reincarnating the capital’s most intriguing murderer, there are dark forces at play that cast increasing doubt over who is governing the country.

With incredible detail, Jack engages readers from beginning to end. As the trail to uncover the truth reaches its climax, the layers of suspense lead to an unexpected ending that leave readers astounded. Jack is a tense, original and exciting addition to the crime, thriller and mystery genres.

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Price: £13.08 (Paperback); £4.99 (Kindle Edition)
Published by: The McBridge Foundation

About the Author

Max McBridge first visited London in 2000 and has been a huge fan of England’s vibrant capital ever since, supporting every aspect of the “London way of life”. Fascinated by the city’s rich history and its evolution over time, Max is inspired by the capital’s incredible mix of the modern and traditional as well as its international culture.

As Chairman and Founder of The McBridge Foundation, Max aims to bridge London’s poverty gap by focusing on prevention and relief. His Foundation supports advances in education, arts, culture and protecting the environment as well as collaborating with charities and projects to provide solutions. Granted its charitable status last year, the McBridge Foundation donates grants to local projects and initiatives.

Max dedicates his debut book, Jack: “to the people of London who show the world that an open and inclusive city is possible…more needs to be done. Every £1 from a book’s purchase is being redirected to charities that can help close the gap between those who can afford the rich opportunities of London and those who are increasingly left behind.”

Max’s popular Instagram account, MaxMcBridge has a growing fan base of 19,000 followers and includes regular blogs and videos sharing all the best bits of London.

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