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For the Love of Beth

Isaac montgomery_For the love of bethIsaac must do what needs to be done.  His life will depend on it.

A man’s journey to find happiness, plagued by misfortune and a temptation that stalks him to his despair and intrigue.

Barren of emotions from almost a parentless childhood, Isaac goes from never feeling wanted from such an early age, to becoming a most successful stockbroker with international acclaim, before finding out about his heritage to the Van Horn dynasty, a house of money.

Murder, deceit, deception, romance, family, betrayal, revenge, hope and despair.  Read as this book twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

Help from a guardian angel as life gives a helping hand.   Will his curse be over once and for all? Or begin again for Isaac Montgomery.



Isaac Montgomery Nemesis_Book_cover

Eleanor Clause will not go quietly.  She will see her revenge.

Isaac meets his nemesis, Eleanor Clause; the secret weapon of Clause industries.

She is beautiful, intelligent and vibrant, and can utterly control men with a strength that cannot be broken.

Her sights are now set on the destruction by any means of Isaac.  But he, although fascinated and intrigued by her, had been a womaniser for many years, so will he see through her illusion or will he be enticed into her web of deceit as she pursues him with her agenda of destruction?  For Eleanor will do whatever it takes to bring her nemesis down to his knees and under her control.

Isaac is her equal in so many ways, so will the tables turn? Games can change within a moment; a sure thing can sometimes become a sure route to their demise; games will always be played, and there must be a winner and a loser in the battle for domination.

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End Game

Isaac Montgomery_End Game_cover

You’re the only man I’ve ever loved and if I can’t have you, nobody will!

Eleanor has been groomed throughout her life by an evil man, her grandfather Ludvik Clause.

Taken from her family through blackmail and contempt at a young age, she has been pushed through private schools to high education and finally finishing school.  With her grandfather’s indulgence and mentoring she is to one day join Clause industries where her job is simple; use her intelligence and women’s wiles to take down the men of power that could threaten the Clause heritage; to find and meet the one man she would truly love but could not break.

A formidable woman in every sense of the word, but if she could not have Isaac Montgomery for herself, no one would.

A cliff hanger to the end with one more final secret unleashed on an unsuspecting Isaac as life hangs in the balance.

Who will live and who will die?  Or will neither survive this final encounter?

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From the Author


My name is Steven Anthony.

Throughout life I have chased the dream of self employment, although it took me all over the world and a modicum of success.  Building my own business through the years, to the ups and downs of our economy taking its toll.

One day whilst walking my two Jack Russels close to my home, I heard a piece of music on my iPlayer, it was an instrumental by Chris Deburgh, it seemed to inspire me to thoughts and pictures in my mind, as work was so up and down, I would find myself sat late into the night gripped by worry.

This is when I decided to put pen to paper and I began writing my vision of the song I had heard.

Once I had begun the story, I just seemed to write relentlessly it turned out to be nothing like the vision I had seen, it just flowed so intensely it totally gripped me for weeks on end till it was finished hence the Isaac Montgomery trilogy had begun.

Also the song that had begun my adventure, turned out to be the storyteller, unbeknown to me at the time.

I am now into my fifty eighth year of life and it has taken me this long to find that writing has become my salvation, as this brings me peace and comfort. My stories are as much a surprise to me as I hope they are to you.

Praise for Book One – For the Love of Beth

Beautiful writing.  Look forward to reading the next book” – Dominic Paolucci

A must to put on your read list.  Full of intrigue and romance” – Jenny Johnson

Great author, well written” – Amazon Customer

It’s a good story: you begin by knowing that you would do everything possible to avoid having anything to do with Isaac Montgomery and then gradually find that you’re hoping that everything will work out well for him. It’s thought provoking too… The author has a considerable talent as a storyteller…” – The Bookbag

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