Isaac Montgomery for the Love of Beth – Steven Anthony



Isaac Montgomery Cover

Isaac must do what needs to be done.
His life will depend on it.

Beautiful writing! Look forward to reading the next book!” – Dominic Paolucci

A man’s journey to find happiness, plagued by misfortune and a temptation that stalks him to his despair and intrigue.

Barren of emotions from almost a parentless childhood, Isaac goes from never feeling wanted from such an early age, to becoming a most successful stockbroker with international acclaim, before finding out about his heritage to the Van Horn dynasty, a house of money.

Murder, deceit, deception, romance, family, betrayal, revenge, hope and despair.  Read as this book twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

Help from a guardian angel as life gives a helping hand.   Will his curse be over once and for all? Or begin again for Isaac Montgomery.

Contains some scenes of an adult nature.



Our story begins with a man named Isaac Montgomery.  Born in a well-to-do family on the outskirts of London, in a district called Beaconsfield, he was the youngest of the three children.  His father was a well-respected businessman in the city, dealing in stocks and commodities.  He was also an MP for his borough.  His mother was equally occupied.  She was a member of the Women’s Guild and various other committees, including coffee mornings and so on.  She was also an outspoken advocate for women’s rights in the workplace.  Isaac’s sister, Helen had become a barrister for one of the top firms of solicitors in Knightsbridge.  His brother, Edward had gone into the army as an officer with merit and had now become one of the Queen’s personal guards.  Then there was Isaac.  He attended boarding school from an early age and was used to seeing his parents maybe three times a year,  From boarding school, Isaac went to the university for about five years, and then a flat was provided for him in the city, where he worked as a stockbroker for five years.  He was very successful at his work, amassing a small fortune of his own.  He was living the life of a millionaire playboy – fast cars, loose women, drinks, drugs with no real love in his life, other than making money and living the flamboyant lifestyle.  At some point, however, it started to come to his attention that many within his small circle of friends were getting into long term relationships – marrying, starting families, settling down and becoming more responsible with their lives.  This was completely alien to Isaac; he had never felt love and had just been looked after by his family until he could stand on his own two feet.  Even now, he had minimal interactions with his family, which were only limited to weddings, funerals, and occasional lunches, if they could make the time.  The women that Isaac took to clubs, restaurants, holidays, or family function, were just day or night dates; he never intended to know anything of their true nature, their likes, and dislikes, or their lives for that matter.  To him, it was always more like a business transaction than a potential future relationship.  His view was ‘you want a good time, I need a date; we’re both happy.’  Unfortunately, Isaac’s train of thought was gradually changing.  He had started to imagine what it would be like to find that significant other in his life; someone to share the good and bad times with; to no longer just think of himself, but to care for someone special in his life.  He realised that this was not going to happen anytime soon with the lifestyle that he was currently leading.  Everyone thought of him as the kind who was never willing to settle down.  For all, he was just an ambitious playboy, who used and abused, and then moved on.  He ran on full throttle, not to be tamed by anyone.  A bright star that would one day be extinguished and forgotten.  Isaac’s friends had also once lived their lives in the fast lane but had decided to settle down and become more responsible within their personal lives.  They had found that special person to love and share companionship, to create a legacy not to be forgotten.  They were no longer just chasing money until they burnt themselves out with nothing but a pot of gold to love and hold, void of companionship unless paid for.  This was something that had started playing on Isaac’s mind, but he was clueless as to how to move forward.  So, he decided to seek the help of his friend Phillip, another high-flyer who had now settled down with a girl called Penelope, a legal secretary in the city.  For Phil, it had been about an instant attraction followed by a long drawn-out pursuit, until he got his lady, and now they were very much in love and planning a future together.

Just started to read this book, it’s not my normal type of read.  I am hooked can’t wait for the other two too be published.  It’s a must read.  Great author, well written.” – Amazon Customer

From the Author

Steve_BartlettMy name is Steven Anthony.

Throughout life I have chased the dream of self employment, although it took me all over the world and a modicum of success.  Building my own business through the years, to the ups and downs of our economy taking its toll.

One day whilst walking my two Jack Russels close to my home, I heard a piece of music on my iPlayer, it was an instrumental by Chris Deburgh, it seemed to inspire me to thoughts and pictures in my mind, as work was so up and down, I would find myself sat late into the night gripped by worry.

This is when I decided to put pen to paper and I began writing my vision of the song I had heard.

Once I had begun the story, I just seemed to write relentlessly it turned out to be nothing like the vision I had seen, it just flowed so intensely it totally gripped me for weeks on end till it was finished hence the Isaac Montgomery trilogy had begun.

Also the song that had begun my adventure, turned out to be the storyteller, unbeknown to me at the time.

I am now into my fifty eighth year of life and it has taken me this long to find that writing has become my salvation, as this brings me peace and comfort. My stories are as much a surprise to me as I hope they are to you.


It’s a good story: you begin by knowing that you would do everything possible to avoid having anything to do with Isaac Montgomery and then gradually find that you’re hoping that everything will work out well for him. It’s thought provoking too… The author has a considerable talent as a storyteller…” – The Bookbag


  • Amy Hubble

    I really enjoyed this read. Great story and very easy to get invested in. I couldnt put this book down. All the twists and turns of this story, while the writer beautifully explains how life is and how resilient people can become. Can't wait for the next books in the trilogy. What will happen to Issacc and Beth?

  • PublishingPush

    Hey Amy, So pleased you enjoyed book one. You'll be delighted to learn that books two & three will be on general release very soon :-) More details here >> https://publishingpush.com/blog/isaac-montgomery-trilogy-steven-anthony/