Is it harder marketing your eBook?


Is it harder marketing your eBook?

We often get asked by authors and publishers when discussing book marketing if it is harder to market an eBook?

ebook marketing campaignMany authors feel that because their book is only available as an eBook they will be at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving traditional press coverage. This was absolutely the case a few years ago. There was a stigma attached to eBook’s. In particular where they had been self-published.

However, the situation has changed. There is now less of a barrier to obtaining traditional press coverage with a self-published eBook. It is still admittedly more challenging but a few steps can make a large difference. We have secured traditional print and broadcast media for many self-published eBook’s.

How can you ensure traditional print and broadcast media cover for your self-published eBook?

  1. Reviews. Make sure you start by obtaining excellent reviews. Amazon and Goodreads are the best places to start as that is where everyone heads to look at a book for the first time. Excellent reviews shows social proof. If the reviews are positive then it shows the press this is a serious book that is worth their time.
  2. Endorsements. Start with smaller bloggers. They will be more open to reviewing independent work. Build up momentum and again as you did with reviewers you can showcase the excellent feedback. The fear of missing out is a strong emotion. Enough social proof will demonstrate the quality of your book.
  3. Short Run Book Printing. There is no doubt that sending a physical copy creates a bigger impact with press. Something taking up space on their desk is always going to serve as an excellent reminder. A great option can be to do a very small run of printed books. Perhaps just 10-20 copies. Enough to cover the really big outlets you are aiming for. This is a relatively inexpensive way to satisfy pickier outlets that only accept physical copies.

With the right strategy as listed above you can level the playing field and get the press your book deserves.