Institutionalised by @KevineWalcott


“Gripping, revealing, and eye-opening.” – D. Donovan

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Kevine Walcott was a successful businesswoman living a peaceful, prosperous life in the United Kingdom. In 2009, she opened a YouTube account and joined the social media world. She didn’t realize that this innocent decision would unravel her happy life.

Walcott, who was once a devout Christian, posted videos about her faith and viewed some clips about ancient Egyptian religions. Suddenly, vile and threatening messages from mysterious people flooded her YouTube in-box.

Ironically, seeking assistance would be her greatest mistake. Walcott discovered links between government agents, the National Health Service, and the cyber attacks. Soon, the attacks would make the leap from cyberspace to the real world, and Walcott would end up in a government psychiatric ward.

Her explosive new book exposes the terrifying dangers of unchecked government control, antiquated mental health laws, and the corrupt ties between the two.

Walcott’s discovery of the links between the NHS and law enforcement almost got her shut away for life. With the release of Institutionalised, she’s fighting back.

Biography of Kevine Walcott

Successful UK property professional Kevine Walcott has a master’s degree from University College London. A confident, independent businesswoman, Walcott never expected to find herself caught up in frightening story of government intrigue.

Eventually, Walcott realized that her harassers had government connections. The episode left Walcott wrongly placed in a psychiatric hospital.

She’s still recovering from the trauma of standing up to the government’s abuse of psychiatric healthcare.

I will definitely go back and read Institutionalised again, in fact it’s one of those books you want to give copies of to all of your friends so you have other people to talk to about it.” – Rosey 

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