Instagram for Business – Shaz Memon


An Instagram bible to boost your brand and business.

Instagram for Business is a new and unbeatable guide by
best-selling author and marketing expert, Shaz Memon.


Instagram for Business is an insightful guide to help start, grow and build any business or brand by learning how to use and self-manage the popular social media networking app as a tool for success. It is highly recommended for novice users with limited experience or for anyone keen to take their business to the next level by advancing their web marketing knowledge and Instagram skills.

In our ever-changing internet and mobile-reliant environment, this comprehensive and up-to-date book covers every inch of Instagram, one of today’s most important and powerful marketing platforms, from starting an account, understanding icons to identifying a voice, defining ideal customers and increasing followers. With 250 pages of easy-reference advice and clear bite-size sections, this is a leading guide for anyone aiming to maximise their Instagram engagement and make the popular web-based medium work for their business.

In an accessible and concise format, Instagram for Business is a stylish and well-designed book teeming with top tips and tricks for harnessing hashtags on crowded web pages to timing Instagram posts and producing the most eye-catching layouts and images. It includes essential ideas for finding out about filters, knowing how to film like a pro and using influencers and Insta Stories to enhance business goals: “A report by TechCrunch showed that one in five Instagram Stories shared by a brand received a direct reply, which shows that Stories is an incredible tool for direct engagement with your audience.”

Instagram for Business is a must-have guide for readers interested in e-commerce, web marketing, economics and e-business. With inspiring recommendations and supporting graphics throughout the expert author superbly navigates the entire, ‘noisy’ world of Instagram, showcasing how his winning formula, ‘The Power of 9s’, can lead to stand-out web marketing performance and increased business success, now and in the future.

This book has been brilliantly compiled by an established, award-winning author with authenticity and proven web credentials to help everyone win at online business. Perfect for business owners, personal brand creators, social media and business managers alike, Instagram for Business is packed with tried and tested tips and easy-to-follow guidance to boost your brand with confidence. This is a must-have ‘Instagram Bible’ for any business, written to make any reader master their Instagram accounts.

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Instagram for Business can be ordered from Amazon. Please note that 10 percent of all profits from Shaz Memon’s book will be donated to Wells on Wheels, a charity founded by the author (registered charity number 1187217).

Price: £21.99 (Hardback)
Pages: 250
ISBN: 978-1-5272-5844-0
Published by: Verb Press

About the Author

Shaz Memon is an award-winning digital marketing expert. Founder of Digimax Dental, the world’s highest rated dental marketing agency, Shaz has worked in the industry for more than two decades. Designer, marketer and business leader, he worked across a wide variety of sectors, gaining experience with leading names, including the BBC, before finding his preferred niche in dentistry marketing. He has published two business volumes – Instagram for Dentists and Instagram for Business. Shaz is also the founder of the charity Wells on Wheels. For more information, please visit www.shaz.co.uk.