In Hell Exhale – Ben Porter


“Excellent cross genre (fantasy/sci fi) book. Gripping story – held me to the end. Can’t wait for book 2!! Highly recommended to all readers.” – Borry Porter

In Hell Exhale_CoverIn Hell Exhale is a brand new release from Ben Porter, which marks the beginning of The Black Cloud Chronicles, a dark fantasy adventure and a story driven by greed, revenge and the boundaries that push friendships to there absolute limits.

Jennifer finds herself in a world she never grew up in, on the run from a maniacal ruler hell bent on getting to her at all costs.

But are things really what they seem, or is there someone behind the curtain pulling the strings, for plans that are much more vile and self indulgent at heart.

Will Jennifer be strong enough to stand up for what she believes in when the world she thought she knew comes crumbling down around her and will you be strong enough to stand by her side?

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Author Bio

Ben Porter is a chef by day but a writer by night. A 29 year old hailing from the great city of London with an ambition to try and fill the world around him with one of his own making. Writing was always something he enjoyed, even from a very young age, but what you enjoy doing and what you need to do to make a living is very rarely the same thing. But he slowly kept writing in the spare time he had, determined to finally finish something good enough that he could release. With his first novel finally finished he’s determined to make waves and push his ideas to the farthest corners of the world. Hopefully this is just the start for this young author.