Illuminated Thunder – Fatima Alhusseiny


“Time comes when you decide it is now. No past or future expectations may halt your enthusiasm; it is just a spirit within you, waiting a resurrection.” – Fatima Alhusseiny



Inside a story, there lies one person who can fly, eat, smell, breathe, and live his whole new world. World of dreams, ethics and daring impossibilities, can never be obscure. In this spotless world, some lack the chance to read through. An approach is needed and that is my first aim through this book. We need to know how and why we need to read rather than just follow words in print. For now, being patient is the first key to get the best things out of this book. It is the follow up application that will make reading enjoyable.

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This book is divided into two parts: Part one contains short poems for you to read and reflect upon, with activities set on them.  Part two is a collection of stories and articles following the same strategy, answering the close up questions set on each.

Once you have picked up this book, you can use it in two ways. The first way is to read alone, accompanied with a notebook. Then compare your own writings once in a while. The second way is to have a group reading, where you share your own thoughts and responses with your friends and teachers.



Quest Of Pleasure

For this entire life, I felt no more,

Just one ultimate passion,

Was not felt as before,

For it is the echo of my own attraction.

* * *

Looking at you in the eyes,

Makes me shiver from seduction,

I turned and ran, that is wise,

And found the pleasure of my diction.

* * *

Back to the old age,

When we were together,

When our own pleasure was the cage,

Locking us forever

* * *


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Author Bio


Fatima Amine Al-husseiny, was born on May 1993 in South Lebanon. She has written her first fiction unpublished novel at a very young age.  English Language has been the only language she has been using in her writings. Poetry and Short stories are her thriving and highly talented aspects of fascination.

She lived the war in 2006 and some poems are inspired by real events occurred. Later on she became a social activist and a trainee in the community welfare, specifically in the civil rights causes. This helped her to expand her community spirit.  Through this training and care, she was able to improve her attempts to develop the sense of responsibility in the hearts and minds of the youth.

For a while, she has published her stories and poems on Booksie.com under a nick name “Fresh Spirits.”  After completing her degree in English Language and Literature, she started working on her first educational book.

Her first book was received by a British Publishing House, Publishing Push.  It was a serious leap in her writing life.  They had helped her make her book available on Amazon and CreateSpace for International readers.

Currently she is a full time teacher and working on her Master’s Degree in Educational Management to widen her mental and educational horizons.