I am your daughter, mam – Joanne Appleby


“Heartfelt. Inspirational.
Poetry written with love, when loss can make words hard to find…”

“Beautifully Poignant.”

 “A personal account. Raw in its immediacy. Highly recommend.”

For the person who gave her everything. Her Mam.

Dementia is not glamorous, no matter how you dress it up.

In her debut book ‘I am you daughter, mam’, author Joanne Appleby shares a deeply moving articulation of a daughter’s love and devotion to her mother. A personal account of her uniquely original perspective of the journey with her mum through dementia, allowing you to be bear witness to the heart-breaking and long goodbye so many faces in similar situations.

This moving anthology of poems uses language in clever but honest tone, evoking the shared emotional parallels of a much wider community, the deterioration intertwined with role reversals, and also the beauty in her parent’s 60-year long happy marriage, to die just 16 days apart. Her father from Parkinson’s disease, and her Mam to Vascular Dementia.

‘It strips and rips the heart out of your chest, puts in back temporarily, and then rips it out again.’

Each poem is a letter to her mother, but a principle to all people of the value and unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. It also pays tribute to the 25+ years of suffering endured by her father.

Short, but necessary. A relatable reflection of the people in our lives who drive and inspire us, teach and nurture us, family.

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About the Author

Joanne Appleby was born and raised in a small village in the heart of Northumberland, currently residing in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Soon Joanne will be retiring from her career in care work, where she has worked as a personal assistant.  At that time she plans to write a lot more, and release further work.

Joanne’s spare time frequently revolves around her keen interest in swimming, which often sees her enjoying early morning swim training several times a week.

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I have lost you
but you are still here.

You look the same, just a little older
Your eyes look at me and I know that you
can see me but there is only a stare, and a 
silence that shows you have gone but you
are still there.

All we have now is the shadow of our Mam.
You are still the same but different.
You live without much knowledge that you
are still here.

You laugh and chat and even swear
without a care!

Whatever you are thinking wherever you
have gone, nothing and no one could ever
break our bond.

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