How to Use Feeling Very Good as a Way Into the Happiness Zone – Gilbert George Pennant Jnr.


How to use feeling very good as a way into the happiness zone_coverEveryone wants to be happy, but there’s no one right way to get there.  Still, no matter how you personally choose to define happiness, there are some common steps you can take to bring you closer to contentment and satisfaction.

This new manual by consultant and self-help expert Gilbert George Pennant Jnr. shows you just how to get started.

Gilbert covers how to;

  • use a happiness score to identify what gives you joy,
  • create a mental happiness bank,
  • focus on important goals that will increase your happiness,
  • divide your needs and desires into easily tackled subcategories,
  • visualise a lifetime happiness plan,
  • set SMART goals to reach the happiness zone,
  • develop your personal happiness monitor, and
  • meet monthly and yearly targets

Important psychological models like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are used to explain the concepts of self-actualization and satisfaction.  Gilbert focuses on concrete, measurable progress in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities that add value to your life.  His work has been tried and tested by his own clients, and it has proven to be a winning formula when it comes to visualizing and achieving greater contentment in all facets of your life.

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About the Author 

Gil Pennant

Gilbert George Pennant Jnr. has used his education in management and neurolinguistic programming, and his twenty years of experience in management to develop several self-help and personal success courses.  He is the founder of the Getting into the Happiness Zone program, the Manage Yourself to be Valuable in the Workplace program, and the Gilism life philosophy.  His work emphasizes how to effectively use emotions to gain success and happiness in life.  It helps people create their own lifetime happiness action plans.

Gilbert also volunteers for youth offender panels and serves as a community mediator.

For more information about his work, visit his website at www.feelingvg.com and explore the #gilism and #gilpennant hashtags on YouTube.

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Happiness Bank

The Happiness Bank is where you open your Feeling Very Good savings account.  You deposit anything that makes you feel good in it – good memories, past success, music, gratitude, etc.

Lifetime Happiness Bank

An added bonus to your saving account is that whenever you do not feel 100 percent, you can make a withdrawal of something that makes you feel good to change your state to a happy one.  You take something out of the account by choosing something from the list and engaging in it.  You can make a deposit at any time, adding factors that come into your consciousness or any new activity that you have experienced.

Feeling very good bank

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