How to Make Money by Writing Books: The Ultimate Guide


Are you an aspiring author looking to make money from your writing? Writing books can be a great way to make money and share your stories with the world. In this article, we’ll provide an ultimate guide on how to make money by writing books. We’ll cover topics such as how to get published, how to market your book, and how to make a living from your writing. Read on to learn more about how to make money by writing books.

Choose a profitable niche or genre

Choosing a profitable niche is an important factor in making money from your book. A profitable niche is one that has a high demand for books and a relatively low level of competition.

  • Here are a few ways to determine if a niche is profitable:
  • Research the demand: Look for data on the number of books being sold in your chosen niche and the prices that those books are selling for. This can give you an idea of the potential revenue you could generate from your book.
  • Analyze the competition: Look at the number and quality of books that are already available in your niche. A crowded market with many well-established authors may be more difficult to break into, but a niche with fewer books or less competition may be more open to new authors.
  • Consider the potential audience: Think about who your book is intended for and how large that audience is. A niche with a large, dedicated audience is more likely to be profitable than a niche with a small, dispersed audience.


It’s important to note that choosing a profitable niche does not guarantee success, but it can increase your chances of making money from your book. Of course, making money from your writing as a book author might not be your goal. This is an important step if your main goal is sales and earning an income from your writing.

Write more

There are a few reasons why writing more than one book can be beneficial for authors who want to make money:

  • Larger body of work: Having multiple books allows you to offer a wider range of content to your readers. This can help you attract a larger audience and increase the chances that someone will find and enjoy your work.
  • Increased income potential: The more books you have available, the more opportunities you have to generate income from book sales. Additionally, having multiple books can help you build a loyal following of readers who are more likely to purchase your future books.
  • Improved visibility: Having multiple books can also improve your visibility and credibility as an author. It can demonstrate to readers and publishers that you are dedicated to your craft and are capable of producing high-quality work consistently.


It’s important to note that writing multiple books is not a requirement for success as an author. Some authors have had great success with just one book, and others may choose to focus on other aspects of their writing career, such as freelance writing or screenwriting. Ultimately, the decision to write multiple books should be based on your goals as an author and your individual circumstances. Having more books will certainly help boost your income streams and give you a better chance of making money online from your writing.

Hold on to your royalties

Traditional publishing might be alluring because you don’t have to pay to be published BUT once you’ve had your advance you won’t need a great deal more money. If your goal is making more from your writing then keeping as much money as possible is crucial.

Self-publishing is a great way to keep more of your royalties. With self-publishing, you can set your own prices and keep a larger percentage of the profits. You can also choose to publish your books in multiple formats, such as paperback, ebook, and audiobook, which can help you reach a wider audience and increase your income potential. Additionally, self-publishing gives you more control over the design and marketing of your book, allowing you to create a product that is tailored to your target audience.

Build a social media following or author website

Having a presence on social media or an author website can help you reach a larger audience and build a following of loyal readers. You can use these platforms to promote your books, share updates, and interact with your readers. Additionally, having a website or blog can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and attract more readers.

Finally, don’t forget to network with other authors and publishers. Networking can help you build relationships and gain insight into the publishing industry. It can also help you find potential opportunities and increase your chances of success.

Writing books can be a great way to make money online, but it requires dedication and hard work. Below are some of the steps you need to take to get paid for you writing by building a loyal online following:

  • Marketing and promotion: Social media and a website can be effective tools for promoting your book and connecting with potential readers. By building a following on social media or creating a website, you can share updates, share excerpts or sneak peeks, and offer special promotions or discounts to your followers.
  • Connecting with readers: A social media presence or website can also help you connect with your readers and engage with them on a more personal level. You can use these platforms to answer reader questions, share your writing process, and build a community around your work.
  • Professional branding: Having a social media presence or website can also help you establish yourself as a professional author and establish your brand. This can be especially important for authors who are self-publishing or who are trying to build their reputation in a competitive market.
  • Increased visibility: Social media and a website can also increase your visibility and reach. By sharing your work on social media or creating a website, you can reach a wider audience and increase the chances that someone will discover and purchase your book.

Distribution is key

You need to have your book available in all formats. Kindle (digital format), print and audio as well as on Amazon for the global marker.

You also need to make sure that your book is available in all the major bookstores, both online and offline. This will help to increase your visibility and reach more potential readers.

You should also consider distributing your book to libraries and universities. This will help to increase your book’s reach and help to build your reputation as an author.

Finally, you should consider setting up an affiliate program to help you generate more sales. An affiliate program allows other people to promote your book and earn a commission for each sale they generate.

Don’t just rely on book sales

There are several ways that authors can make money from selling services like consulting, coaching, or speaking:

  • Leverage your expertise: If you are an expert in a particular topic or field, you can offer consulting or coaching services to individuals or businesses that are looking for guidance or advice. For example, if you have written a book on business strategy, you could offer consulting services to help businesses develop and implement effective strategies.
  • Offer speaking engagements: If you are a confident public speaker and have valuable insights to share, you can offer speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, or other events. These engagements can be a good source of income and can also help you promote your book and build your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Create an online course: You can also create and sell an online course or workshop based on the content of your book. This can be a good way to monetize your expertise, teach something you know well and reach a wider audience.
  • Sell physical products: In addition to services, you can also make money by selling physical products related to your book or expertise. This can include things like merchandise, printables, or other items that your audience may be interested in.

See how other authors are making money

The examples above are just a few ideas. You could also look at other authors and see how they are making money from their writing.

By doing your research and exploring different options, you can find the best way to monetize your book and make money from your writing.

Invest in an amazing book cover

Finally, it’s important to invest in a great book cover. A great book cover can help to draw readers in and make your book stand out from the competition.

A good book cover will also help to increase your book’s visibility and make it easier for potential readers to find it. Investing in a professional book cover designer can be a great way to ensure that your book looks its best and stands out from the crowd. You are competing against more writers than ever before. To make your book or series stand out you need every edge you can get.

Professional book cover designers will know how to make sure your book grabs your reader’s attention.


Writing books can be a great way to make money and share your expertise with the world. By exploring different ways to monetize your book, you can find the best way to make money from your writing.

With the right strategies, you can make money from your writing and become a successful author.