How to Franchise Your Successful Business – Jason Anderson


Learn to franchise and boost your business to the next level.

Jason Anderson’s much-anticipated release, How to Franchise Your Successful Business is the ultimate step-by-step guide to franchising. Packed with winning strategies and presented in four phases, this authoritative book will help businesses expand, thrive and maximise their potential. This 2020 revised edition follows the acclaimed title’s first publication in 2017.

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The timing has never been – and will never be – better to take current businesses to their next level via franchising. Today, more than ever, people are searching for structured business opportunities to invest in, take ownership of, be proud of – and all with the aim of building a better future for themselves and their families. 

How to Franchise Your Business takes an in-depth look at franchising, offering readers all the knowledge they need to implement this successful business model. This unbeatable book has a well-structured breakdown of chapters, outlining:

    • What exactly is franchising?
    • Why franchise?
    • How much does franchising my business cost?
    • How long will franchising my business take?
    • How many locations do I need to have before franchising my business?
    • Franchising vs licensing and other growth options
    • Franchising laws, rules and regulations
    • The Four Phases to franchising your business.

The book advocates that to dramatically drive forward a business, franchising is by far the least risky and lowest cost method on the market. In addition, the title lists the most up-to-date resources and references, including all the top franchise:

    • tradeshows and websites,
    • attorneys, brokers, and finance companies
    • software, sales outsourcing, marketing
    • PR agencies,
    • and much more…

How to Franchise Your Business
is a highly-recommended, smart and comprehensive guide produced by an expert with proven credentials, acumen and know-how. This is an essential title for anyone embarking on the franchising route towards company expansion and future success.

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About the Author

Jason R. Anderson, MBA, is a franchising expert, speaker, consultant, author and college level instructor. Jason got started in real estate in 2007 and by 2011, his company had nearly 200 agents and was the eighth largest real estate company by transaction volume in the State of Texas. After realising that his biggest real estate competitors were franchise opportunities, Jason got his start in the franchising world. He subsequently sold his real estate business to a publicly traded company and was honoured as recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30. Today, Jason lives in Dallas with his wife, daughter and their two dogs. He sits on the board of United Franchise Group and is the president of Venture X, the fastest growing flexible office space franchise in the world, overseeing its growth to 32 locations open and 125 sold in 31 countries in only four years.