The Horrors of WW2 Seen Through the Eyes of a Boy

Pithily written by war veteran Alan Higgins, ‘You’re In the Navy Now’ is a fascinating novel which would appeal to those with an interest in the Second World War. Higgins’ account of the War is told through the eyes of a teenager, evoking powerful emotions within us as we celebrate the bravery of the soldiers who fought against the Alliance in the 100 year anniversary (4th August 2014).
Alan Higgins writes about his enlistment in the British Navy for WW2 in ”You’re In the Navy Now”. The story is about the bravery, coming of age and patriotism that Higgins’ experiences as a teenager amidst the fast-paced European War.  As Higgins’ survives the sinking of the ship HMS Belfast, and goes on to survive a station bombing in Russia, we constantly marvel at the sheer courage of a young boy who is not yet 16 when the story is told. Surviving repeated bomb attacks in the Mediterranean, Higgins continues to defend Great Britain amidst the Battle of Anzio in January 1944 where 43,000 soldiers were taken as casualties.
The horrors continue as the young Higgins recounts his memories of D-Day landings, as he is was a member of the crew. Friendship plays another central role in this story as Higgins’ tells how he had to saw off his friend’s leg with a bread knife amidst the commotion of the memorable D-Day landings. Gruesome anecdotes such as these add to the reality of the compelling narrative. Upon the declaration of armistice, Higgins is ordered to stay in the Mediterranean for another four years until he is discharged from service after fourteen years in February 1954. Higgins’ closes the story by expressing gratitude to the navy for allowing him to benefit from a ‘variety of experiences’.
“You’re In the Navy Now” is based on hand-written recollections penned by Higgins’. His anecdotes, complied with the help of his daughter Susan and his publishers ‘Glenn and Memoirs Publishing’, are dedicated to all those who served her majesty on HMS Edinburgh. This unique autobiographical account provides a memorable insight into the life of a young naval soldier and the calamities of the Second World War.
you're in the navy now