High-brow duo sparks debate on 2020’s most topical issues


A pair of thought-provoking books by Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi, Stop Calling Humans Black & White and Humanity 0, Corona 1, are compelling reads covering this year’s most controversial issues, from skin colour and cultural classification to Covid 19’s impact on the world.

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In Stop Calling Humans Black & White, the author confronts the prevailing practice of (wrongly) designating people of African descent as ‘black’ and, those of European heritage, as ‘white’. With an authoritative stance, the author questions this issue, explaining its place in history and reasoning that, as an artificial construct, it is not on par with reality. As a word, ‘black’ has past and present negative connotations associated with evil and malice, while, in stark contrast, ‘white’ epitomises good, innocence and desirable. This consistent use of ‘black’ to categorise people, only helps to institutionalise racism, leading to negative stereotyping and stigmatisation.

Setting forth his string of essays and critiques on skin colour and diversity, this is a thoughtful book that addresses creation, evolution and debunks established cultural myths. It presents convincing arguments and, as its powerful title suggests, calls for an end to misplaced classification, and “…optimistically looks to the future to a world where, at least, the official use of the terms “black” and “white” to categorise human beings would be a thing of the past.”

The author’s pledge to ‘Stop Calling Human’s Black and White’ has also been proposed in a petition on the change.org website.

Stop Calling Humans Black & White is available to buy on Amazon.

Price: £5.34 (Kindle)
Publisher: Perseverance Books

Meanwhile, Humanity 0, Corona 1, is another powerful book from the author that emerges from an astonishing year. As people ushered in 2020, they paid scant attention as reports surfaced from China’s distant Wuhan of a new virus outbreak. Few realised that the globe was facing the most severe pandemic in more than a century, the spread of which would fundamentally change all our lives. Humanity 0, Corona 1 intelligently reminisces a decade gone too soon, raises discussions on an imperfect world and challenges the ‘political circus’ surrounding the Covid-19 battle.

The author takes a daredevil leap into the future, welcoming a time for soul-searching while squaring up to the fact that Corona is here to stay. The title asks readers to consider ‘What next?’, to accept our new normal and to adapt in the future. Humanity 0, Corona 1 puts forward the author’s unique perspective on the virus, its spread, our response to the threat and looks ahead to how humanity should adjust, “It is my hope that humanity will at long last realise the need to work together as an entity to tackle the plague with our concerted rather than divided efforts…”

Humanity 0, Corona 1 is available is available to buy on Amazon.

Price: £3.82 (Kindle)
Publisher: Perseverance Books

The highly-respected and established author has succeeded in creating two distinct and acclaimed books, reflecting personal and critical thoughts on racism and 2020’s unprecedented turn of events. With engaging arguments and authority, this double delivery is welcome news for readers interested in world affairs, politics, cultural studies and human rights issues.

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About the Author

Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi is an Author, Evangelist, Medical Doctor and Human Rights campaigner. Born in Ghana, Robert faced a catalogue of difficulties and challenges as a young boy, surviving illnesses and horrendous treatment from traditional witch-doctors. Despite having to travel through remote bush paths to attend school, Robert completed sixth form before studying at Hannover Medical School, in Hannover Germany, between 1984-1992. In 2001, he qualified as a family doctor in Germany and practised there before moving to the UK in 2006.

Robert is a prolific author who has published numerous books which are available to buy on Amazon or from his bookstore at www.peprah-gyamfi.org.