A young British student arrives in Russia in 1992, just one year after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. His stay reveals an intriguing insight into life in Russia, after 74 years of communism has been swept away.

Excited to see the land of the literary greats he has studied in the classroom and to discover what lies beyond the recently lowered iron curtain, he finds a chaotic economy, rapid inflation, and corruption. With Russian society’s new freedoms and hunger for enjoyment, his adventure delivers humour and passion, as he is welcomed with open arms by his Russian hosts. But the tension also rises, as he finds himself in some difficult situations.

His naivety and vulnerabilities are exposed as he navigates a fascinating country at a challenging time in its history. He begins a relationship with a beautiul Russian student but as this love affair deepens he also falls foul of the authorities, and into the clutches of the former KGB.

This story is based on the true events and follows Henry’s  life while studying abroad in Russia in 1991. The book is mainly a love story but Henry also found himself in trouble with the KGB, culminating in deportation back to the UK.

Henry was constantly told by his friends and family to turn his stories into a book. They would hang on his everyword while he regailed them with stories of his adventures in Russia. This was the seed that led Hanry to create his book.

⁠ Henry says the hardest thing is getting started, but once you do things should start to roll. He recommends that authors start by setting out what each chapter will cover in no more than 2 or 3 lines. Then play around with that, to see if it has a good beginning, middle, and end. You also need to be patient and persevere. Henry took about 5 years to complete his book whilst also working a full-time job. We do have ways to speed that process up with Ghost Writers. ⁠

Henry’s book has done very well since being published. He has been receiving rave reviews on Amazon and other retailers. People have thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Henry now lives in Kent, England, with his wife and three children. He also runs his own consulting business that serves news publishers around the world. Being a published author is helping to grow awareness with potential clients and demonstrates his ability in this industry.

We then paired Laura up with a ghost writer and editor who had experience with sports memoirs. They understood how to structure the book to achieve the goals we wanted. They also understood how to tell Laura’s story in the right way and capture the gems from her experiences.

The book is the social proof to give events the confidence to book Laura to come and speak. It demonstrated her competency and the more success the book garnered the more bookings came flooding in. Ever since her book was published Laura has been working as a motivational speaker. Doing talks all over the country and getting paid to do this. Raising her profile through the book has also helped Laura move into a new career in Environmental Consultancy.