Having it all now – Ritu Sethi


Having It All Now:
An Inspirational Journey to Becoming Superwoman.

Voted Best Inspirational Book
by IBBF in London Parliament.

Award winning lawyer, business woman, public speaker and author, Ritu Sethi, is here to remind you that you can ‘Have It All Now’, with her championed insight, advice, and empowerment to all working women who strive beyond foiled expectations, busy lives, or the unrealistic stereotypes that balance is unattainable.

“How can you balance it all – have a successful career at the same time as being that perfect wife, lover, mother, friend…?”

This is a mandatory everyday woman’s guide that undermines the notion that juggling work and family life is an impossible feat, but is instead a work-life balance.

It teaches the basic strategies for approaching all areas of life with the perfect balance, compartmentalising it into 7 accessible sections, so you can achieve success in every area you choose. It features conversation on topics including relationships, finances, health, spirituality, self-development, and creative expression, raising children and enjoying a social life.

Ritu reveals her secrets, draws from her extensive experiences, utilises her professional and personal stories that have allowed her to find success in pursuit of happiness, and is inspiring women nationwide. Not only has Ritu established herself as an independent force and proven innovator within the business world, she is a devoted mother to her two children. The perspectives she has on the world are unmissable for women seeking a self-confidence boost and a place that advocates for women supporting other women.

What does ‘having it all’ mean to you? This book will aid you in realising your potential and encourage the superwoman in you. It is an access-all-areas coherent formula that demonstrates how women of all ages and cultures can get the most out of their life.

Having it all now – No compromises. Inspirational. A prescription for prosperity.


“I was looking for some kind of role model who would tell me how I’d be able to juggle being a mother, and also being a lawyer and running a practice, and also being a good wife at the same time. I struggled through my own career, my own life, and thereafter decided that there should be a book that would help and inspire other people.”
– Author Ritu Sethi in her video introducing her debut book (ritusethi.com)

What do people have to say?

“Ritu Sethi, in person, the most down to earth, bold yet elegant woman. ‘Having It All Now’ truly is an inspiring journey for women. The book is well structured and an easy yet informative read. Well Done Ritu, you do us women PROUD.”
– Sandie Panesar – Customer Review (ritusethi.com)

“This has been a huge help for me. As a mother, running a business as well as running a home, the book helped me put allot in perspective.  I highly recommend this book for all.”
– Abby – Customer Review (ritusethi.com)

“Helps you to train the hardest thing of all – your mind.” 5 stars.
– Amazon Review (Paperback format)

“Absolutely Life Changing.” 5 stars.
– Amazon Review


Author bio

Ritu Sethi is an award-winning lawyer and CEO of The Sethi Partnership Solicitors, author, business woman, and a regular speaker on law and business throughout the UK.

A respected woman in industry, and a devoted mother and wife, Ritu has received a number of notable recognitions including, being shortlisted as a finalist in the HSBC Forward Ladies Awards, nominated for Best in Legal Sector at the British Indian Awards, and made the shortlist in the prestigious Woman of The Year 2017 category at the British Asian Achievers Awards (BAAs) – a programme endorsed by the then UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

As both a Lawyer and a Business Founder, as well as a Mother and Wife, Ritu discovered very early on in her career that there were very few business orientated self-improvement strategies to help women succeed in male dominated fields. As a result, she has now published her first book, Having It All Now: An Inspirational Journey to Becoming a Superwoman’.

Amongst her varied career, Ritu has appeared on many media platforms. As well as being a regular voice at professional business shows and compeering functions, she is too a regular guest on television and radio shows, such as BBC Radio London where she acts as a newspaper reviewer and writes for the legal industry press.

Ritu has presented her very own television show Chai with Ritu, which ran as a 13-part series on Sky TV.

For more information of Ritu’s extensive and admirable professional career, please visit her website here.