Grandma by Joseph S. Wolkin @JosephNASCAR



Joseph S. Wolkin has written a moving tale about the relationship between a young boy and his grandma.

Every time little Joseph visits his grandmother, Doris, he is afraid of the love she offers. Like many children, Joseph does not recognize what having a grandma means. Still, they go everywhere together–she picks him up from school, takes him to the doctor when he is sick, and plays ball with him. As Joseph grows up, he and his grandmother create a bond like no other.

When Joseph has his Bar Mitzvah and officially becomes a man, according to Jewish customs, no one smiles bigger than his grandma. But as Doris ages, she becomes sick, weak and unable to carry on with their Jewish traditions. Joseph is right by her side, just like a grandson should be. He plays cards with her, keeps her company, and brings her whatever she needs. Just as he finally realises what unconditional love really means, he must prepare to say goodbye to her.

In this poignant children’s tale, a little boy comes of age, with the help of his devoted grandmother, and learns what it is like to be loved.