Glossolalia – Tantra Bensko


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Glossolalia launches the seven book series, The Agents of the Nevermind, which dares to explore the edgiest controversies and the convoluted lives of secret agents as they create bizarre delusions for the world in order to hide the truth.   This intimate portrayal of a strong female protagonist introduces the propagandistic branch of Intelligence performing occult social engineering – unless the gullible populace wises up and bravely resists the mind control.  Heart-pounding entertainment illuminates the shadows of our reality with glee.

This political conspiracy novel introduces a beautiful woman with an ambiguous past and an incomprehensible present involving herself with one layer after another of her broken psyche in a killer organization.

“Glossolalia is a fast-paced, quirky book that lives up to its tagline of being a ‘psychological suspense thriller’ while also being extremely fun to read.  Bensko balances the heavy themes of sexual abuse, mind control, nefarious companies that are destroying the environment, and government conspiracies with tongue-in-cheek humour and a surreal edge…Glossolalia sparkles with Bensko’s unique prose style, and ultimately left me feeling uplifted, even as I found myself thinking about the things we all might prefer to keep buried.”Deborah Steinberg, Fiction Editor, Rivet Journal and Red Bridge Press

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Author Bio

Tantra Benkso

Tantra Benkso has an MA in English from FSU and MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.  She taught writing in three universities before turning her attentions to teaching fiction writing online with a variety of schools, including UCLA Extension Writing Program.

She attended churches in which glossolalia – speaking in tongues – was practices and her father owned a pesticide company.