Gifted – Toni Hawkins


“The plot is intriguing, the characters are great, and the ending will leave you left begging for more!”- City of Books


Serenity didn’t understand what was happening when she started experiencing hallucinations about her fate.

She had no friends to turn to for help, until she met Kendrick.  Kendrick brought with him a secret about Serenity, she is the youngest descendant of the Salem witch bloodline.

As Serenity tries to deal with the side effects of her gift, with the help and guidance of Kendrick, she is forced to face a dangerous liaison that only affects her.

Can she find the answers about who she really is and discover what fate holds for her?


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About the Author

tonimaria-hawkinsTonimaria Hawkins was born in April of 1992 in Washington DC. She later relocated in Montgomery County and attended Northwood.

Ever since she was twelve years old, she developed a love interest in writing and editing.  While she was in high school, she used her free time to read fiction and nonfiction books and studied poetry.

In the beginning, Hawkins started off with writing short horror stories during her freshmen and sophomore year in high school.  As she got older, Hawkins developed an adhesive skill in writing.  She currently holds a degree in Mass Communications and is now working on the second book to the Gifted Series.

For more information, visit www.tonimariahawkins.com