Getting Behind The Lines @ChrisBridge313


Back Behind Enemy Lines by Chris Bridge has been receiving outstanding accolades from our community.

John Fish of The Last Word Book Review sent over the below while reading the book.

“This should be selling lots more copies it is
that good.”
You can read his full review HERE. A brief snippet from the full piece is below.
“This is an emotional story packed with drama and passion that the author brings in his own style that makes the reader feel they are present with Anna. This is an exceptional book that delivers on all fronts and will not disappoint anyone reading this debut novel. I await with anticipation how Chris Bridge follows this.”
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“Excellent, gripping, suspenseful and poignant. The descriptions of the house and garden are so good that I could believe that I have been there.”
“From the very first pages of this book you will be hooked. The young woman’s experience in France is compelling and has a long-term effect on the rest of her life. But the author’s depiction of the old woman’s battle is an imaginative conclusion to a well-constructed story. I recommend this book.”
back behind enemy lines
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