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Superhero: A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers.
The real Superhero: You.

What would it take for you to believe it? Or to believe that you have more control over your mind and body than you could have possibly imagined.

Stress Buster, by Gemma Naylor, is your self-help guide that will show you how to tap into the greatest facets of your human potential. Thriving in the 21st Century is as much a challenging feat as it is a very reachable goal, and here is one resource full of self-help stress management tips that will teach you why.

It has been specifically designed to assist managing your own stresses, mothered from all areas of what life throws at us. It seamlessly introduces The Stress Buster Technique, a simple seven step exercise to effectively programme the subconscious mind to achieve optimal performance, and ultimately understand the skills that will deter those stress-inducing habits. This guidance also comes in the form of meditation, hypnosis, restorative yoga and includes practical exercises throughout for you to get involved in.

Included at the end of the book is a 28-day journal, with the purpose of aiding in structuring your life, in a way that proactively supports your goals and provides a first-step to improving not only your mindset, but the quality of your life.

Bust the idea you cannot do it.
Bust the 21st Century success stereotypes.
Be your own Stress Buster.

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Author Bio:

Gemma Naylor, author of the self-help book “Stress Buster” and the creator of “The Stress Buster Technique”, that helps to guide people to relax, reset and refocus and turn stress into success. Gemma helps people to provide a deeper understanding of themselves via her teachings acquired through numerous study ventures in India, and now provides extensive knowledge back to those in the Western World.

Gemma also has a background in Showbusiness, having performed in musicals around the world, including the esteemed West End in London. Gemma has been involved in further distinct projects. She was a regular face on the Nickelodeon network, staring in music videos with pop group Go!Go!Go! on Nick Jr, and additionally read bedtime stories on the Nickelodeon main channel. This Christmas season, she is taking on the role of Cinderella at Sunderland Empire.

Gemma’s extensive expertise in meditation, hypnosis and yoga, allows her to engage these ancient philosophies, arts, and techniques to those across the modern world, offering them access to new-found modus operandi in a fun and informal manner.

Meditation was introduced to Gemma as a teenager, via the intense training undertaken of those in the arts, and in helping her to perform as an artist, more pivotally, Gemma had discovered a way to bring balance back into her mind and body, a commitment to which she still practises on a daily basis in pursuit of positive mental health, self-care and principle performance.

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