From Highlights to Lowlifes – Alyson Chattoe & Jilly Clark


An emotional journey of anger, fear sorrow and regret with a touch of humour here and there, makes this book a must have on your bookshelf.” – Neil Cunniff


“Please turn off the engine and get out of the car, madam.”

I was told to sit on a nearby wall whilst the officers took my car apart so efficiently, they could have been playing with Meccano.

I wrapped my arms around myself tightly, in a subconscious effort to hide the packages strapped to my stomach. Then all hell broke loose…

What had seemed the answer to Tilly’s problems had now turned into her worst nightmare.

A happily married mother-of-three, Tilly was not the stereotypical criminal – in fact, she’d barely warrant a second glance if passed in the street.

 “No one will stop you, Tilly. You’re Mrs. Average. Why would any­one suspect you?”

She’d only wanted to protect her family. If your whole life was under threat, would you make the same decision?

Based on actual events and real-life diary entries, Tilly’s story shows how quickly life can turn…

A gritty, gripping, true-crime read. 

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About the Authors

Jilly ClarkJilly Clark, a mother and grandmother, lives with her two madcap French bulldogs in Wakefield.  A hairdresser by trade, she enjoys walking, socialising and going to the gym.  A staunch supporter of women’s and prisoner’s rights, she regularly visits educational institutions, the public sector, and other organisations to share her thoughts on the failings in the UK Prison service, as well as ways to make rehabilitation effective.

Alyson ChattoeAlyson Chattoe, originally from the UK, has spent a good portion of her life overseas, working in the care sector. She became Jilly’s neighbour when she moved back to Britain, and they spent hours walking their dogs and putting the world to rights. After hearing the story of Tilly McVeigh, and with an innate flair for writing, Alyson became the ghostwriter of ‘From Highlights to Lowlifes’; her honest yet sympathetic interpretation of Tilly’s tale has invited wonderful feedback from early readers of the book.

A remarkable emotional roller coaster of a read where at times you are brought to tears by Tilly’s moments of despair but then finding yourself gently lifted by moments of pure humour. This book leads you to question how would you play the cards you have been dealt …would you have the strength of character to pull through?” – Robbins

A true insight into how easy it can be to get drawn into something unsavory, for someone naive and who purely wanted to look after her family. Gripping. Very good book, found it hard to put down, better then fiction any day.” – Angela Giemza

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