The French Assassin by Don Green


“Fantastic read can’t wait for the next book.” – J. Donohue

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“This is a thriller that satisfies on a number of different levels.” – John Paine

A fast paced crime thriller, with lots of action throughout, murder, kidnap, explosions, suicide, drug gang warfare, it all blows up in the face of what is to come.

D. I. Wesley the head of a murder squad in London, England, is called out to a crime scene, where the brother of a colleague has been murdered and nobody knows why. The contract killing undertaken by a young female assassin who is hunted by Interpol.

The main suspect Shaun Cantrell, is the CEO of a gambling corporation with several high-powered citizens among his friends and associates.

The female assassin travels throughout the world using many different disguises, taking on international contracts and sometimes using her own creative methods of assassination, which are quite unique.

Biography of Don Green

Don Green was brought up in a theatrical family which led him to attend Corona Stage School, where he acted in television drama’s, films and adverts. Turning to writing in his late teens, he wrote comedy for television as well as three mystery plays.

‘The Don’t Make Me Laugh’ books are a sample of his comedy writing producing funny lifestyle stories in rhyme. As well as the comedy, Don has written a children’s book called ‘Creation World’ which will soon be added to the Amazon site, a novel called ‘Separate Paths’ the story of two identical twins.

Great book from this new author. Lots of action, twists and turns to keep you reading.” – Debs Chambers 

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