Freeing Seraphina – Tiago De Silva


The thrilling sequel to Tiago De Silva’s debut novel, Reading Seraphina, from an expertly adventurous author of Children’s Historical Fiction.

Following the riveting conclusion to Reading Seraphina, our hero now sets sail on her next adventure.

When an unexpected and violent turn befalls her, she finds herself fighting not only for her own freedom, but for the freedom of countless others.

As fate and treachery takes her to far flung places across the vast Roman Republic and beyond, Seraphina must confront new fears and hostility to do what she knows is right in her heart. In a game of wits where the stakes are life or death, Seraphina learns who are her friends and foes, and leads a courageous charge towards that most basic human need and desire: freedom.

A thrilling sequel to Tiago De Silva’s debut novel, Freeing Seraphina matures Seraphina into an adult who must stand tall as she learns not only about the machinations of the human world, but also begins a journey into a deeper, energetic universe.

Available on Amazon, Paperback and Kindle editions, be the first to embark on the second journey of Seraphina, or be inspired to begin her story with Tiago’s debut novel, ‘Reading Seraphina’.



The sky was blue and bright. Too bright in fact. Seraphina squinted as she experienced her first taste of daylight in three days.

The weight of the metal binding her hands together dragged her arms down. This was accompanied by a dull pain in her shoulders and upper back. In the dark room where they were being held, she sat and the floor supported the weight of her chains.

Standing outside, they pulled down on her entire upper body. As if this wasn’t enough, leg shackles were attached to each girl.

The aches travelled up and down her limbs as she started walking. She stretched her fingers in an effort to counter the stiffness in her body. Despite this, Seraphina felt a smile cross her lips as the warmth of the sun brushed her skin. She tilted her head backwards a little, breathing in the fresh air, and was happy to be outside.

It was an odd mood, given the circumstances, but one that seemed to be shared by the other girls. They looked relaxed. Another whispered conversation with Rhea that morning had revealed that this was the time of day when they were fed too.

Having not eaten for two days, Seraphina was all too eager to eat whatever she was given.

As they were marched out of the building in single file, Seraphina’s eyes adjusted to the light. She glanced around and immediately felt the stares of her captors as she did so. A lump formed in her throat and Seraphina noticed all the other girls looking directly ahead.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and did the same, concentrating on the back of the girl in front of her.


About the Author

Tiago is a talented author, and in fact transitioned into writing from his previous work as a Lawyer.

Tiago is a very well-travelled man, having been to over 80 countries, and is a huge advocate for travelling the globe on what has been a continuous adventure for him.

In the times he is not writing, food plays a big part in his life, beef rendang to be precise, as well as practising yoga, or hanging out in one of many airports, understandably!

New to the series?

Experience Tiago De Silva’s debut novel and introduce yourself to one of the strongest new heroines in fiction today!

Reading Seraphina marked the debut of a thrilling duo of books exploring the culture clash of Roman ambitions and Egyptian tradition. The protagonist, Seraphina, a spirited heroine, is thwart with nightmares from a forgotten past as she navigates her secret existence in the Great Library of Alexandria. Mystery collides with scandalous truths in city hurtling towards war.

Is it in the safety of the library or the fight that she finds her bravery? Is she ready for what she must sacrifice?

Or is the defiance a worthwhile risk to the possibility of being enveloped in the power-hungry anger she is trying to desperately to avoid. In the character make-up of previously daring heroines like Disney’s Moana, Reading Seraphina is a worthy addition to the ever-growing list of strong women that decide their own fate, and strive to know good in a darkened world of hate.

Inspiring and easy read about a strong-minded young heroine that’s sure to appeal to young audiences. Set in a time not often seen in historical fiction, it has a modern day feel which makes the characters more relatable. Seraphina is inspiring. Could easily see this turned into a Disney movie!” – Amazon Review (5 stars)

“Beautifully written and very compelling. I love his portrayal of historical figures and the unique look into their minds. I will enjoy reading this to my daughter next.” – Amazon Review (5 stars)