Four Beautiful Books of Poetry by Grace Ruto


Grace Ruto


A spellbinding collection of poetry books from Grace Ruto


‘Truth and Love’ encapsulates the vision of love and understanding of the Universes divine hand in our lives.  It is written to call upon our hears, unearth the lost aspirations and inspirations from within our hearts, and cultivate truth, love and understanding in our individual livelihood.

‘Enchanting Echoes’ is a book of contemplation of love lost or found, unrequited or answered, when memories linger on and is the real discovery of how Grace learned her true inner strength.

‘Elohim’s Decree: The Dimension of the Soul’  – The soul is eternal.  It’s vast encapsulation of time becomes the transcending of all entities.  The soul exerts the capability of divinity like unto God.  It is this analogy which is explored and linked through theology for a broader perspective of understanding the nature of the soul.

‘Angel of My Life’ – From the moment you wished for better, to the times you prayed forever, and wept for bitterness of despair to disappear, find this compelling story the real life tale of what an Angel can do, no matter how small or great your darkness is.

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