Fire Monkey Year by @SuzanLWhite


“Another must-read book by legendary writer and astrologer, Suzanne White.” – J. Neville

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“This amazing work gives us the depth and know how to enjoy this upcoming year” – Patricia L. Bell

This 400-page book of monthly forecasts suits everybody’s lifestyle. The generous monthly predictions are written in the jaunty, easygoing style of world-renowned author Suzanne White, the high priestess of Chinese and Western Astrologies.

You will gasp and giggle and nod your head enthusiastically as you read the month-by-month progress your 2016 Fire Monkey Year promises to deliver. Whether you are longing to start a baby, get a new job, fall madly in love, move house, get a divorce or simply know when to take a holiday and where, let this easy-to-use book be your guide.

It’s a straight-talking book that takes you by the hand and helps you make headway throughout, the sometimes tricky… and even dangerous – Fire Monkey Year 2016.

Biography Suzanne White

“I am American. I mostly live in France. In 1971, I began writing articles for American women’s magazines. In 1973, I finished an autobiographical novel called Ladyfingers. It was published in 1975 while I was busy writing my first book about Chinese Astrology.

Since then, I have produced many best-selling books on both western and Chinese Astrology. My myriad readers around the world have dubbed me:  “The High Priestess” of Chinese & Western Astrologies. Lucky for me, my books sell steadily. All of them remain in print.”

Wonderful comprehensive astrological tome for the novice as well as expert. Written with amusing turns of the phrase as well as insightful prose for those who want credible predictions. This New Astrology and combination of Eastern and Western beliefs allows the reader to reflect and personalize each and every sign.” – Janet Birnkrant 

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.