Exotic Wildflowers: Intricate Nature Designs – Amanda and Karen Reyneke


Experience the exotic world of wild flowers

Exotic Wildflowers Cover - Front

Challenge your creativity and release your inner artist
with this adult colouring book.

Filled with unique and original illustrations which capture the wondrous beauty of nature from two talented artists, Exotic Wildflowers: Intricate Nature designs offers a simple and fun way to relax and relieve stress, and will inspire you to explore your creative expression.

Tiny little flowers, flowers that bloom only during nighttime or blooms with exotic appearances, inspired these illustrations. Other illustrations were inspired by plants growing in remote areas like the Himalayas and the deserts of Africa. Nowadays some of these flowers may be found in florists or growing in your garden but their ancestors are wild and wonderful.

Examples of some of the plants and flowers the illustrations are based on include Arum lilies, Globba flower, Tibetan Cowslip, Monkey’s Hand, Barbados Gooseberry and many more…

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About the Artists:

Amanda Reyneke

Amanda ReynekeAmanda enjoys art as much as art brings joy to everyday life and stolen moments, in the busy schedules of professional artists as well masters-in-the-making’ and dreamers of ‘One day, I’ll be…’

Creating images that will facilitate those daunting first steps of the magical process of creating an artwork yourself, facilitates and stimulate Amanda’s ever-young dreams of limitless possibilities.

Amanda lectured in Art and Design at Tertiary Institutions for 22 years focusing on drawing – her deep passion – and Textile Design, celebrating colour and decorating our everyday living spaces. After leaving formal education, she immersed herself full-time in her art, focusing on drawing and illustration in mixed media.

Art-Eclect Studio, together with her sister Karen, brings together her main interests of drawing, illustrating and teaching. Their slogan ‘Art makes its own Rules’ encompasses their approach towards, and philosophy about, art and the colouring in of their images.

Karen Reyneke

Karen ReynekeKaren’s career has always been involved in various creative fields as a Costumier, Entrepreneur as a Couture Designer and teacher in Art and Design. Due to the inevitable influence of these genres upon one-another her style of work reflects an eclectic quality.

Karen finds experiencing the creative process fascinating and to facilitate it as a teacher even more so. Working without expectations and trusting the process leads to unimaginable possibilities and enjoyment for both student and teacher.

The two dimensional quality of the illustrations reminds her of a simplistic childhood and the various choices when colouring, symbolises the complexities and colourfulness of adulthood.

Art-Eclect Studio is a continuation of a special creative kinship, with the ‘soul’ intention of providing images for meditative colouring-in activity without any pressure of an apparent outcome.