Eternity: Wing and a Pray – Leon M. A. Edwards


Humans say that planet Earth was formed over 4.54 billion years ago.  I can confirm that the Earth was formed over five billion years ago.  I should know as my father is the one who built it.

My father created myself as an angel and gave me my name, Gavreel, and instructed me to travel through space and make Earth into another equilibrium, a utopia for future beings to live in harmony, and prevent Earth from war, hatred and conflict.

I was created like any other angel, a baby.  Unlike human babies, my mind like those of all other angels can keep memories from of the day of my birth through to eternal life.  I am now a fully-grown adult with memories over the last five billion years.  I travelled from a place called heaven that is situated on the edge of the solar system, some trillion miles away.  Not the edge of space, as humans think.

My father created Earth like all his other planets in the solar system that harbour other human life forms.  The reason why Earth was created was because he wanted to create a new form of human life that could communicate and travel to other parts of the galaxy via a worm hole.  All the other planets are already connected by wormholes that shorten the time span of travel to hours rather than years.

When I travelled from heaven to Earth to complete my father’s request, I failed to bestow a utopia on the planet and failed my father.

He disallowed the other planets to communicate with Earth via the worm hole.  He knows that Earth humans will seek to take over other planets and destroy them because Earth is not in equilibrium.  Evidence has shown this over Earth’s history, throughout the centuries and up until now.

So begins ETERNITY: WING AND A PRAY by Leon M.A. Edwards.  A story about a man born, adopted and raised in a small Australian town.  Life is slow and laid back for this man.  Until a stranger comes to town telling him that his biological parents are found and he is to leave his current life behind him, move to America and head up a new department within the largest firm in the world, an elite organisation known as IMLF.


About the Author

Leon M A Edwards was born on Friday 24 January 1975 as a fraternal twin, at Southampton General Hospital.  He was born into a family of five children.

Until the age of forty-one, Leon had no aspiration to become a writer.  His original dream, before choosing a sensible job, was to be an actor.  He was obsessed with black and white cowboy films and, eventually, Star Wars: A New Hope, watching it over a hundred times and wearing out the VHS tape.  However Leon dreamed about making up stories from the age of around ten.

When it came time to actually decide on a job, Leon originally chose to study hotel and catering at Eastleigh College in Hampshire, aiming on becoming a chef either abroad on a millionaire’s yacht or managing a five star hotel.  This ambition was quashed, however, when he realised it was not for him.  He visited the college library and browsed an encyclopaedia on every job you could think of, focusing on an office job involving finance and deciding on becoming an accountant.  Leon went on to study at Bournemouth University in Dorset.

His first job following graduation was for a chemical company in Fawley, Hampshire.  He worked there for five years before changing jobs to work for a waste disposal company across the road.  Following his redundancy a year later, Leon decided to become self-employed and now has around two hundred clients.

Leon is currently living in Milton Keynes with his wife, Andrea, and the couple have a beautiful daughter named Alina who was born in 2017.

Jane Knight: Rogue Officer is Leon’s debut novel and is to be the first of a series of five books.   This and future novels touch on issues from Leon’s own childhood, growing up as an ethnic minority in a small town in Hampshire, touching on bullying and depression. 

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