Ensnared – Stephen Heubach



Stephen Heubach’s intriguing thriller, Ensnared, is a terrifying true account of one man’s misplaced trust and his unwitting descent into an evil drugs market.

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The innocent and naïve Daniel is a hard-working family-man, devoted to his wife Linda and young son, Sam, but smarting after an unreliable business partner lets him down: “Daniel himself was a man of honour, and had naively assumed most others lived by his own standards; something he vowed never to do again.”

Intending to kickstart a new venture in the boat trade he travels abroad, exploring new avenues of interest and promising marine products to invest in. His trusting nature misfires again, when unconvinced by a proposition, the insistent sellers lure him into an ominous business deal with disastrous consequences: “Well, what a coincidence! I’m actually involved with boats of that type myself.” “Really?” Xu responded with a genuine look of surprise. “Do you manufacture?” “We design and market; the manufacturing is subcontracted to various UK companies.” “Oh I see. So you sell in the UK?” said Xu, knowing perfectly well how Daniel’s organisation was set up.”

Daniel soon finds himself unwittingly trapped in a heinous drug network, thrust into a downward spiral of danger, deceit and life-threatening decisions. Recognising that the people he is up against will stop at nothing to destroy him, Daniel fears for his family and all their lives. But, desperate to extract himself from the sinister plot and protect his family, will the British justice system, the only hope of a way out, save them?

Based on the author’s incredible true story, Ensnared is a compelling tale of crime, subterfuge and blackmail. It is a unique crime story, with a depth of reality and drama that can only be achieved by the author’s true-to-life credentials and background with proof that ‘art is stranger than fiction’. This unbelievable book demonstrates just how easily an innocent person, anyone, can get caught up in a clandestine underworld and entrapped in a vicious world of crime through no fault of their own.

Ensnared is an arresting story, encapsulating broken trust, betrayal and the dark underbelly of the deadly drugs world. The threatening predicament Daniel and his family find themselves in takes readers on an unimaginable roller-coaster ride right up to the book’s final page. For fans of the crime, autobiographies, thriller and true-life genres, Ensnared is an unmissable and remarkable read.

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Price: £7.99 and £1.99 (Kindle edition)
Paperback: 338 pages
Publisher: Independently published (May 2019)
ISBN-10: 1090566212
ISBN-13: 978-1090566218

About the Author

Stephen was educated, worked and lived in Singapore for a number of years, so it was a natural place for him to base himself when starting his own business. His love of boats, sailing and water-skiing led naturally to him establishing his business designing and manufacturing boats. Before writing his novel, Ensnared, it was his business that dragged him into the unfortunate series of events that unfolded. It was great as a dinner party story, but far from enjoyable in reality when living through the events. Too enthralling to just forget, it was time to put the story into print.