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Edna J White is an author, teacher and consultant who grew up in New York. After marrying and having a child (too soon, in her own opinion) Edna was determined to be successful!   As a result she entered the lifestyle of modelling and won awards, eventually settling in to raise her three children alone. With grace, courage and tenacity, she built a business in real estate, and plans to live in China to teach English to find her true purpose in teaching and writing. Edna’s first book was an illustrated children’s book dedicated to ESL and her mandarin students. She currently resides in Long Island where she consults those surviving after sexual trauma alongside her real estate.

Edna WhiteIt is unfortunate to state that Edna has experienced sexual abuse, however she has wonderfully transformed this into a career of advising others not only through consultancy, but through published works too. 2013 saw the publication of two remarkable books by Edna, ‘Stuff! – The Stuff No One Ever Told Us About Life After Sexual Abuse’ and ‘The Keys to Life: Emotional Intelligence To Heal Yourself’.

The concept of ‘Stuff!’ is that it aims to achieve the reality of sexual abuse and how it changes our perceptions in every relationship. Edna told us that she made the decision to write the book because she needed to share her story to help survivors of sexual abuse and show them that she survived it, so they can too. Her inspiration came from the realisation that such experiences have happened to many of her associates.

Now, we believe that ‘Stuff!’ will enlighten you in ways that you cannot imagine, and will comfort those who seek it as a result of experiences of sexual abuse. The key part of the book that may interest you as a reader, from Edna, is that “every aspect of our lives are forever changed, even our brain and growth patterns”. This book is unique because it was derived from a life experience that states that incest is more prevalent than not. Of course Edna’s book is based on her background which in itself would be a challenge to share, but the compilation of the book would have created difficulties in itself. Edna told us that the most difficult aspect of the writing process was to take out all of the emotion of the subject to share the positives and the lessons learned. Edna’s most rewarding aspect was… “I didn’t realise how expressive I was!”

The Stuff No One Ever Told Us About Life After Sexual Abuse is a story that will awaken the sleeping giant of silence in sexual abuse or trauma. It gives eye opening realizations that help us all move from silence to recovery without being ashamed. ‘Stuff’ has only received respectful five-star reviews on Amazon! Such as…

“This book gave me a glimpse into the author’s life. She explored her painful past and the experiences that dominated every aspect of her life. I applauded her courage, she was able to come to terms with the impact of sexual abuse and find her voice in this novel. I wish her the best of luck in her journey of self discovery.”