Elji and the Galrass – Colin Sinclair


Magic and an intergalactic mission to safeguard civilisation.

The epic and mesmerising story, Elji and the Galrass by talented author, Colin Sinclair, is the first book in his mind-bending and magical series, The Essence Sagas.

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Elji, a boy from a village outside the city of Mehem discovers a ‘Galrass’, a tool usually wielded only by those who understand its power. Perhaps it was left for him to find or perhaps it was just a random happening? The Galrass soon sees Elji embroiled in a struggle he neither expected or imagined existed. When Dregar, a being from an altogether different planet and galaxy senses Elji is disturbing the Universal Essence, he takes him under his wing and an exciting journey begins…

United in a concerted effort to free the planet from despair and replace it with hope and love, the Essaria, a secret society of watchers are formed to shape the future of the race. Friendships are made and lost and lives are endangered to usher civilization into its rightful place among the Universal Essence. Can Elji fulfil his potential and help save the world, or will it fall into darkness?

In Elji and the Galrass, readers are quickly drawn into the imaginative land of Mehem, the meaning of Universal Essence and the thrilling adventures of Elji. With two supreme deities, Elgred and Charina, overseeing the world’s protection, a ‘good versus evil’ theme unravels and an almighty battle ensues between darkness and light:

“Elgred and Charina had spent many hours teaching Bremen about how all things were connected and how to utilise the universal essence for good. They had told many stories of creation and of destruction. They had discussed how there was a balance between good and evil and that both were present always. They had taught him how to share his understanding with the people and create a belief system that would promote harmony.”

Meanwhile, when the young day-dreaming Elji finds a magical stone, he is transported to an exhilarating place and catapulted on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams:

“As he sat the stone in his pocket pushed into his leg. Elji stood back up and took it out of his pocket, once again turning it over in his hands and looking at it. Now that he had it somewhere he could study it more carefully, he noticed that while before it had appeared to be jet-black, in reality it was laced with tiny lines and sparkles that threaded their way through the stone in a lattice. It was most odd. They seemed to sparkle and flux as he looked at them. He touched where he thought one of the lines reached the surface and slid his finger along it, and with that he felt a rush. Elji dropped the stone and looked up. He was somewhere else.”

This is a superbly-written, spellbinding and impressive book with creative characters, unknowing entities and all-seeing deities that will hook readers from page one. This ingenious book is multidimensional with imagined lands and other-worldly spheres. As well as underlining themes, there are moral messages too advocating a better planet where sustainability, peace and the gift of unity prevail.

Elji and the Galrass is a highly-original debut that will delight fans of fantasy, science-fiction and gripping storytelling. It is also a magnetic first instalment of The Essence Sagas, attracting readers towards any subsequent books in this enthralling series.

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Price: £7.49 (Paperback); £1.99 (Kindle)
Pages: 253

About the Author

Colin lives just outside the city of York in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. He has been married for 32 years and has two children and grandchildren. He has been acting and singing on stage since he was a teenager and still performs at the large theatres in the region, acting and singing in lead roles. He is a gym enthusiast and has competed in natural bodybuilding competitions and also engages in many sports, such as Badminton, Squash and Bouldering. 

Colin has two dogs which keep him busy walking through the countryside. Before settling in Yorkshire, he was brought up between the Middle East, where his parents worked in the Oil Industry and he spent his time studying in the UK at boarding school. This is where his love for words came from and he has written poetry for many years. He now has the time to pursue his passion of writing and has written his first book in a fantasy series that he says has been in his head for longer than he cares to remember.

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