Eden’s Apple – Pamela Blake


“Shockingly real, this book will get under your skin…5 Stars! (I wish I could give more)”Vanessa Hoffmann



“An absolute must read for everyone, Pamela tackles taboo subjects with clarity and consideration…”Julie H

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Prewar Bradford, England, 1937. A sinful act is perpetrated by a father against his daughter that will alter the lives of three future generations. Rose’s troubled past haunts her forever. Lucy seduces a man of the cloth and has to bear its devastating consequences. Samuel escapes real life and journeys through his own hell to try and find what he has lost. Children are deprived of a normal upbringing. Secrets, when revealed, have a destructive power.

These are ordinary people whose lives go full circle in their voyage of self-discovery and who undergo a transformation resulting from an extraordinary existence. Each of them has to overcome his or her tragedy before the realization that great success, or the reaching of one’s own goals, does not give the pleasure, happiness, or satisfaction expected. Ultimately, it is only in the real values of love, understanding, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness that the outcome has to be found.


About the Author

Pamela Blake was born in Rome, Italy.  After a traumatic life and having raised four children, she completed the Diploma in creative writing and the BA in literary studies as a mature student.

In 2004 her autobiography was published by PublishAmerica and subsequently a short play, The Light, was awarded first prize.  A novella and a poetry book were then published by United pc.  Pamela received recognition for her poetry in Italy, Germany, and the USA.

Eden’s Apple is her first full-length work of fiction and she is currently writing a novel set in Italy.


“Make no mistake, “Eden’s Apple” is definitely a compelling, tragic, heartwarming, and ultimately unforgettable read, and one that will appeal to a wide variety of readers due to its far-reaching plotlines and relatable characters, regardless of the time period (or country) they are in. They feel almost modern in the sense that they feel so genuine and real, with (shocking) events that could just as easily happen today as they did several decades ago…I recommend for fans of literary (and historical) fiction who’d like to experience an extraordinary family’s remarkable life.”Laura

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