Eating My Way Back to Health: A Gluten and Dairy Free Recipe Book – Louise and Richard Blanchfield


Eating My Way Back to Health is a self-help guide which encourages healthier eating habits via the elimination of dairy and gluten in the diet. The book is with those suffering from autoimmune disease, IBS or chronic inflammatory problems in mind. With the aim to aid reversal of symptoms that are too often believed unpreventable without medication.

Inspiration for the guide was conceived by Louise and Richard Blanchfield following a discovery…

At just forty years of age, Richard received the crushing news that he would likely be confined to a wheelchair within the next two decades. Suffering from an autoimmune disease, he was already unable to walk unaided, dress himself or cut up his own food. It was a distressing situation for which his physician could offer no remedy.

Unable to accept Richard’s deterioration as an inevitability, his wife Louise dedicated the following months to research – every corner of the internet was scoured in a bid to find anything that would halt Richard’s loss of mobility.

With the aim to reduce inflammation in Richard’s system, the pair switched to a clean, wholefood diet without gluten or dairy. In the months that followed, they made the startling discovery that Richard’s condition was not only stabilising but reversing.

Internal scarring which had been the result of years of flair-ups on his bowel had vanished and Richard was now able to perform activities he hadn’t had the strength for in decades. He was pain free, off his medication and even joined his family in canyoning, zip-lining and canoeing on holiday.

In the knowledge that what worked for Richard holds so much potential for others suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions, the pair published Eating My Way Back to Health this year in the hopes that it will offer many more a chance at recovery.

The book emphasises that a drastic change in mobility isn’t always necessitated by a drastic change in diet. The Blanchfields champion subtle, undemanding alterations to nutrition and lifestyle which strengthen the body’s immunity and restore it to good health. As a result, the recipes reflect popular family dishes with alternatives for the gluten and dairy where necessary.

Packed with meal suggestions, menus and over one-hundred gluten and dairy-free recipes, the guide provides a wealth of information on food intolerances, their development and how the food we consume can help combat them.

The guide breaks down healthy-living into manageable sections, offering informative ‘top tips’ and food enhancing ‘taste tips’ along the way. The initial ‘reference’ portion of the book explores digestion, lifestyle, dietary basics, meal-planning and much more.

The remainder boasts a wide variety of tried-and-tested gluten and dairy-free recipes including;

> smoothies
> juices 
> breakfast dishes
> soups
> sides
> light dishes and snacks
> meat, fish and vegetarian mains
> desserts

Handy icons accompany each recipe which notify readers of their ‘preparation time’, ‘fruit and vegetable quota per portion’ and ‘simplicity’.

With its wealth of valuable dietary advice, Eating My Way Back is a must for those seeking guidance towards regaining control over their health.

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Reviews for Eating My Way Back to Health

‘Brilliant book! It is inspiring to read about the journey Louise and her husband, Richard embarked on in order to turn his health around. The recipes are quick, easy, delicious and healthy. There are loads of clearly explained useful hints and tips on nutrition and lifestyle. I have consulted Louise personally and with her help I managed to lose 2st and greatly improve my menopause symptoms. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’

‘Not just a recipe book. This surprised me by having much more. Interesting and helpful information to finding the root causes of autoimmune conditions, how to help heal the gut and to improve nutritional balance. There is a 6 day menu to help get you started, and specific gut healing recipes which I found really useful. I enjoy cooking, but struggle with ideas for GF and DF breakfast and lunch so found these particularly good. Nicely presented and laid out too. Would definitely recommend.’

About the Book
Pages: 196
Price: £24.99 (RRP)
ISBN: 9781527256446

Copies of Eating My Way Back to Health are available in paperback on Amazon. The book can also be ordered from Louise’s website at the exclusive discounted rate of £18.99 + P&P.

About the Authors

Authors Louise and Richard Blanchfield are a husband-and-wife duo who live in Scotland with their two children; Megan and Alec.

Before Richard’s worrying prognosis, Louise was already a qualified physiotherapist and neuroscientist. After discovering just how transformative a change in diet can be for those suffering with conditions similar to Richard’s, Louise took it upon herself to train in nutritional therapy. She now runs her own company ‘The Food Physio’ offering nutritional therapy consultations to ‘help people gain the knowledge to help themselves’.

The pair love food and cooking and hope that their book will make mealtimes a pleasurable and enriching experience for all. 

For more information about Richard and Louise’s story and for expert advice on eating better, please visit: www.thefoodphysio.com